Amagami SS episode five

It may or may not come as a shock to you but my Starcraft 2 disc is suddenly going haywire on me after I only played it for ten hours straight… haha, yes I did but regardless, it’s been suddenly going haywire on me and I’m about to break it or return it and demand a refund.  Religions aside, I guess we’re off to a new start on this loop of love for our hero Junichi and it looks like this time the chick is his one and only friend since middle-school: Kaoru, who happens to be more or less my favorite heroine route.

That’s a very enticing picture I have right here but too bad for many of you, it’s Junichi’s imagination (I wish it happened that quickly).  We’ve already seen Kaoru in Haruka Morishima’s arc as a bit of an outgoing girl, but in her own arc, she takes that to a whole another level.  From the beginning to the end of this episode, I found myself being sucked into the Kaoru’s world and actually quickly forgot about Haruka  Morishima (I also noticed that her friends didn’t become Junichi’s friends as well).

Undoubtedly, I could begin to argue that Junichi will meet the girl of his… arc every time after being stood up that one faithful Christmas Eve.  Once we got to present-day, I couldn’t imagine Kaoru falling in love with Junichi especially after the way she nibbles on his ear and acts basically like a sister to Junichi.  Even her dramatic reactions towards Junichi were pretty funny as you’d expect only a couple to pull those kinds of things off (Haruka x Junichi come into mind), but she still has a girly-side to her as she knocks Junichi out after he looks at her pantsu.  Now come on, she flashed them!  How is any guy not going to look when the girl is standing over you with her legs on each side of your chest.  Seriously, this girl is starting to show her tsundere-side, especially the way she admitted that she was lying after she told Junichi that he got to the infirmary on his own.  LOL at Junichi’s imagination when she asked him to meet her after school.  But more seriously, I thought that this was important because during this moment, he actually considered Kaoru as girlfriend material and perhaps a future possibility.

Immediately they made that connection back to the first arc when 1) Haruka was also sleeping in the infirmary (who cares now) and when 2) Kaoru mentioned her part-time job.  It turns out that she works at some sort of family restaurant and she is embarrassed to work there.  While the two are laughing it out, Junichi admits that he thought Kaoru was going to confess to him but says that now that he thinks about it, it’s silly.  Yes, it’s true I suppose – Kaoru is one of those girls who are pretty good-looking (everyone on this show is supposed to be) but never enough for you to consider as a girlfriend, just a really good friend.  I don’t know how Kaoru’s reputation is (Haruka was declared the school idol) but seeing as she is good-looking, I guess it cannot be bad (but like I said, every girl is supposed to look good in this show).  Kaoru is probably one of my more favorite girls as she does remind me of one of my really good friends and although I have to say that even though my friend isn’t as hot or cute, it still brings back the memories that two highschoolers from middleschool could have.

Towards the end of the episode, Kaoru begins to go *doki doki* (the Japanese sound for a heartbeat) when she sees or thinks about Junichi because she finally realizes that she might actually consider him as a romantic interest.  And the turning point for that had to be when Junichi admitted what he thought would happen – the tables have turned and it’ll be interesting to see how Kaoru reacts with it.  I expect this arc to be a lot more realistic and better seeing as how Kaoru and Junichi already know each other pretty well so we can skip all those steps, although from Haruka’s knee-kissing fetish we go to Junichi’s Kaoru’s flashing-pantsu fetish.  The next four episodes will probably be a build-up of both of their feelings and perhaps a disappointing ending as maybe the new ED song shows as her just “being a friend, a friend”, but let’s hope for the best.

5 Responses to “Amagami SS episode five”

  1. 31 July 2010 at 8:29 am

    Well I’m sure things will work out in the end, but the next episode could be tough for Kaoru. Still I have to say that was one heck of a punch to the gut to knock Junichi out cold.

    Should be good to have a different kind of development with Kaoru in contrast to Haruka. I was a little surprised that Junichi jumped to confession when Kaoru asked him to meet her. I mean don’t think I would have guessed at that though at the same time it was questionable as to what she wanted.

    Anyways should be fun to see what happens next.

    • 2 SPIRAL
      31 July 2010 at 8:43 am

      Yeah, I think it’s going to be a lot better than Haruka’s arc, although it would be funny to see perhaps Kaoru and Junichi marrying each other and the things they would do ONCE they’re married (I mean, Kaoru acts like a married wife already to him… imagine what she’ll do when they actually are married).

  2. 31 July 2010 at 12:27 pm

    I too think it was weird that Junichi jumped to the MOG confession idea. I mean, if he really knew Kaoru he should have worried that she was going to punch him again or something.

    But being a girl myself my heart went out for Kaoru. Granted at the time she didn’t KNOW her feelings for Junichi but you don’t want to be turned down by a guy no matter what the circumstances, even if you didn’t like them like that.

    But yes, this is much better than the Haruka arc.

  3. 4 kyo tenshi
    31 July 2010 at 1:50 pm

    i honestly liked the last episode of the haruka ark and thought, “well how am i supposed to see him liking some one else after i see him fall for haruka” this episode pretty much showed me why. im sure we have all reached the consensus that this will probobly be better than the haruka ark and im looking forword to it and what there goning to do with it

  4. 5 Lem
    2 August 2010 at 2:14 am

    It’s kind of odd seeing “sex hair” Haruka get dumped into ‘secondary character’ at first, but now that it’s another arc, and from guessing from the next episode preview, she’s either a Supporting Character or an “Unintentional Relationship Hindrance”. Something like that. I guess it’s just a feeling. Ah, I also did notice the tiny change in the opening.

    I am liking this arc, since I can definitely relate in the relationship situation here, the “I only see you as a friend” status is something I end up being in alot. Heh. Ah, I am looking forward to how this arc turns out. Though with four episodes per girl, it means it’ll technically be the main girl changing monthly.

    Ah, see you around!

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