Seitokai Yakuinodomo episode five

Ahhh the anime that never ceases with it’s pretty punny sex jokes that are aroused by the many a female characters within the anime series itself (come to think of it, it’s only Shino and Aria).  I thought that the sex jokes within here would be recycled eventually but as the episode went on and on, I realized that there could be no end to the awesome-ness to the puns that these ladies commit themselves to.
Before I being, I would like to apologize the delay of some of my other reviews particularly Kaichou wa Maid-sama episode eighteen (well, that was supposed to be up yesterday but I had to upgrade my computer to Windows 7 and I didn’t save any of it) so I decided to get that series into a double-post (since it’s a TBC two-parter anyways) but the other series should be shortly up after this review.  Anyways, back to women making sex jokes…
The episode starts off from last time with Tsuda getting a cold from walking in the rain (although he didn’t admit it) and first thing to comment is that he has pretty weird dreams that he recognizes.  That’s the only flawed part in the episode because I read somewhere that when you’re asleep you cannot differentiate between possible and impossible and hence it’s very difficult to claim that a dream is a dream within the dream.  Speaking of dreams, anyone else sick of Inception being called a mind-rape?  It was good, but I’m getting sick of people calling it that, since there are more than 100,000 words in the English language…
Regardless, we see more of Kotomi (his sister) and it actually turns out that she might be related to Shino after her attempts to help alleviate her brother and with certain services.  What DS game was she playing?  She seems to be pretty open about sex-related things even imagining that her brother was having sex with Shino right next door, but it couldn’t have been as funny as her attempt to play the stereotypical girl-late-to-school with bread in her mouth… literally, fitting a baguette in her mouth ruined the entire image, but it was a classic twist that many of us should’ve seen coming, seeing that we’re already on the fifth episode of the silly sex anime series.
The rest of the episode I couldn’t find anything really funny about – I wasn’t aroused by the swimsuit scene and the Aria following in love with the cat just made my eyebrows raised in confusion whether there was some hidden sex pun behind the whole thing.  The ending got even weird with the whole Shino-on-technology and the school website but I guess that’s what the series gets after trying to incorporate something serious into a sex joke-crackin’ environment.  Fail, and is this the sign of recycled material that is to come in the following episodes?  It’s not even halfway, and here’s hoping that it won’t.

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