GIANT KILLING! episode eighteen

Ahhh wow, it’s really hot in the summer I’m not even kidding even if I did want to go kick a ball around I wouldn’t be able to… but it seems that watching a soccer anime satisfies me (no, it doesn’t) and I can really look forward to the fall season and finally some cooler wind and weather to go play soccer in at university.  Regardless, it seemed that from last episode, something was bothering Tatsumi and I can guess that it’s the team’s failure to act as a single living organism.  I’ve heard that countless of times from my coach and it actually feels weird when it does happen.  Of course, we’re usually up by four goals when that happens.

Speaking of four goals, it looks like the Osaka Gunners are still at the top of the table with no losses so far (they haven’t been able to clarify whether or not they have had any draws) and are about to play ETU next after a 8-0 demolition of Kofu.  This episode may have seemed boring to many, but in reality, there were so many underlying themes that many of you viewers (I can say this safely) have not even begun to consider.  Tatsumi recognized what the Gunners were lacking and I have an idea of what he’ll be doing, which I’ll be explaining.

Tatsumi clarified that in the beginning of the episode, he liked it when the players began to argue starting from Akasaki’s yellow card because it demonstrated that they were determined to be on the same page in terms of the team’s expectations.  Obviously, some people were happy with the string of draws while others still wanted to win.  In the end, a whole tension breaks out at half-time when ETU is down 1-0 to Albeiros Niigata (I think the actual team is Alberex Niigata) and we can naturally assume that ETU lost the game.  The Osaka Gunners on the other hand are breaking free from simple Japanese soccer (no offense) and are dominating the league.  I really don’t know why they’re looking forward to playing against ETU (especially with Japanese national manager Blanc looking interested as well) when ETU’s actually been pretty disappointing this season.

There are two things that help the team win – skill and teamwork.  The two biggest cliches in the world yet overlooked by so many teams.  As demonstrated by the absence of Gino, ETU were struggling to show some skill without their natural playmaker.  Skill is what allows a team to overcome the other team and create chances to score.  Without Gino, however, we failed to see anything creative whatsoever from ETU.  Teamwork is the other thing and it looks like ETU will need it to beat the Osaka Gunners.  What the Osaka Gunners are lacking is the unity of the players – yes, they are probably better than their ETU counterparts but looking at the tape showed that despite their massive goal count, they still have trouble communicating with each other (especially number 7 – Kubo… who has to be a certain somebody’s counterpart).

I’m looking forward to the Osaka – ETU game because this is where Tatsumi really shows his giant killing skills.  I wouldn’t doubt that that the next few episodes will show his English team losing to Portsmouth in the FA Cup and his determination to rise above it.  I guess that the story won’t have a great effect on me since Portsmouth actually sucks balls right now (they’re not even in the first division anymore), and the actual Gunners aren’t doing so hot with the whole Fabregas issue going on.  But I’m looking forward to the match and the tactical changes Tatsumi will make.  No doubt the Gunners will score, but how will ETU rise above it?

1 Response to “GIANT KILLING! episode eighteen”

  1. 3 August 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Yet another a display of German football dominance! (Dulfer is German right?)

    As much as I want ETU to win, it would really suck if there isn’t any managerial tactical battling between Dulfer & Tatsumi during the next game. I hope the pendulum swings many times in the coming game. Looking forward to it.

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