Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode five

What I actually am enjoying about this series is that it differs so much from the manga yet tries to follow the same point of it – Minato using love to defy fate.  Of course, we might view as differently as we might be able to with the bouncing boobs and the other fanservice (no pantsu included, Akitsu-san) but in  the end, we have to recognize that Sekirei is trying to teach love, friendship, and…

… and I’m just kidding – you’re not watching it for the messages, you’re watching it for the sexy half-naked girls fighting each other with different super powers.  Yes, I would do that too but now I’m really curious how this series is going to end (most likely with another different manga to anime alteration but let’s see whether or not this is going to get good).  Will Musubi die again?  That would totally suck balls.

Homura (or Kagari, whichever one you prefer) is still going on about killing Minaka and it looks like he will finally settle his personal score with Minaka and fails to listen to any of the people that tell him not to.  While he’s busy traveling, the other residents at Izumo Inn finally realize that Homura and Kagari are the one and the same (if you remember, Tsuikumi had this rivalry with him and Musubi ran into him during her first battle to save Kusano) – but did anyone else realize how slow these Sekirei are?  Well, considering Matsu already knew and Kazehana figured it out halfway, I guess you can say Tsuikumi is even slower than… well, Musubi (and Musubi is slow).  Interesting reaction to BL when Tsuikumi was considering having Minato make Homura his Sekirei but everyone is determined to go save him.  Even Miya is a bit skeptical because an interesting point is made: the Sekirei Plan will only end with one Sekirei left, not one Ashikabi.  I guess it’s up to Minato to save all the Sekirei in the capital.

Speaking of capital, it’s revealed why Akitsu was discarded since she was too powerful to let loose… speaking of loose, I guess she’s even slower than her other counterparts when it’s revealed that she forgot to put on some pantsu before trying to find Homura.   After a bit of a somewhat interesting dialogue, Uzume comes in and begins to engage in combat with Akitsu.  I have a question – how to you get rid of the discarded number?  It’s not like you have the change to go right up to her forehead and recite your chant… or maybe that’s the only way.  Regardless, the episode begins to end on a much cooler note as Matsu reads that different Ashikabi are on their way to the location, including the three other powerhouses and the Grim Reaper Ashikabi.  Heh heh, epic battles await the next two episodes, or maybe if we’re lucky, just the next one.

All in all, very eventful and a sound cliff-hanger to an epic battle that is to come for Homura.  Now that I think about it, not much has happened in the episode itself but it always seemed non-stop and very fun to watch, even Tsuikumi’s imagination thing in the middle.  It’s a shame that this series couldn’t go longer but I guess we can blame the manga since it seems to be on a really long bimonthly update thing, but it’s all good.  We still have more than half the series to look forward to but I wonder what the final conflict is going to be?  Theories anyone?


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