Amagami SS episode six

I’m sorry that I’ve been late for the past few days with my blogging but then it’s all because I got a whole new collection of games for my computer – yes, past Starcraft 2 (which I didn’t play for the last three days believe it or not) I bought a whole collection of visual novels!  But that doesn’t mean that I’m one of the loner otaku sitting in front of their computer drooling about the different routes I could get with different characters (well, I beat just one of those games three times on three different routes for the past three days… well worth it).   Speaking of visual novels, I beat Amagami SS a while back and I’m surprised to see the producer’s interpretation of the different female characters.

Naturally, every female lead in this show looks good as to attract attention from both the audience and the male lead aka Junichi.  I began to say this last time, but although every character looks good, not every one of them is reputed to be that way inside the actual Amagami world.  Going back to the game, I found out that Kaoru does not have a good reputation.  Instead of Haruka’s idol position, Kaoru stands on the brink of noisy and annoying, except to our friend Junichi who’s known her for a long time.  Both of them kiss in this episode, but not in a way you’d expect it to turn out.  Speaking of which, did anyone notice the part of the building on the roof being outside of the fence?  I mean, that fence is supposed to surround the roof but in that middle scene you can clearly see that shed thing outside the fence on the roof.  How would you get to that, and for what purpose?

Surprisingly although Kaoru doesn’t take love towards herself seriously as seen in the opening bath scene (I bet the DVD version will totally uncensor the fog), she gets very defensive when a love letter from her kouhai is thrown around in her class.  Thanks to Junichi’s intervention, the two head off to the roof where Kaoru asks Junichi to clarify their relationship and whether or not he has a girl he likes.  Naturally, all male leads are clueless about the love right in front of them and Kaoru decides to take a step forward.  Unfortunately, she does not expect their lips to brush and the two are faced with a whole crisis of “losing” their first kiss.  I don’t know why Junichi felt like he got robbed but he somehow needed to pay that back.  Yep, as all school anime would have it – in the back-corner of the library.

What is wrong with him?  He has the weirdest fetishes I have seen in a Japanese boy – kissing behind Haruka’s knee is one thing, but kissing and licking Kaoru’s bellybutton?  I personally wouldn’t mind that, but I really can’t believe that she would agree to such a thing!  I’m probably going to get another comment saying how unrealistic the girls are in this show but mind you, they only have four episodes and as it is, they’re already halfway done with Kaoru.

I guess this whole episode showed how the tables have turned and how much Junichi is starting to love Kaoru.  Perhaps both of them won’t end up with each other, or perhaps next episode they’ll confess that they both love each other.  I’m curious to see what the producers will do because last arc at the end of the second episode, Haruka decided to go out with Junichi.  In this arc, you know that something had to be a problem and Kaoru’s daddy issues are clearly going for the money here.  If Barney Stinson was here, I wouldn’t hear the end of it.  …dary.


3 Responses to “Amagami SS episode six”

  1. 8 August 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Junichi really is a strange individual. He just comes up with really creative kissing locations outside of the normal kind. I’m kind of wondering what on earth he’ll come up with for the next girl since this could turn into a theme.

    Still liked the steps Kaoru and Junichi took towards getting together even though both are still figuring out their feelings. Should be interesting to see how the situation at the end of the episode will impact things. Could slow down them getting together or speed it up depending on how they handle things.

  2. 17 August 2010 at 1:59 pm

    Instead of taking this show seriously I will just wait for each arc’s special kisses.

    But I am praying there is no toe sucking. I don’t think I can handle that.

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