Seitokai Yakuinodomo episode six

The thing that’s surprising about this anime is that despite having barely any plot and just filled with sex jokes, it’s still very amusing to watch.  I mean, you’d expect all the sex jokes to be recycled somehow but that’s not the case with this show.  Shino and Aria have their own fantasies while at the same time, it’s still funny.  Even Hata who comes in randomly (she is my favorite character with her voice and her bluntness) says incredibly funny things, and every girl in this show has sexual desires and thoughts.  What’s not to like.

I found the beginning portion really weird and found myself wondering whether or not I tuned into the right time to watch Setokai Yakuindomo but it turns out that I was right, and it seems that school haunting are the real blazen thing in the summer to talk about at school.  Needless to say, the bathroom thing was scary enough to make me yelp “WTF” when they replayed the night-vision thing in the school in the beginning.  Did I mention I also watched Paranormal for the first time today in my basement with the lights off to simulate it?  Maybe that’s why I was nervous about the start of the episode.

Luckily, Shino loves these kinds of things, Aria is indifferent, and Suzu is… scared… being the little girl she is (literally).  I thought we were headed for some plot when they went around lookin for suspicious material but it turns out that it was their pedo-teacher snickering while reading some BL manga.  That wasn’t that funny, but when it came to Hata’s stories about the haunting, I actually laughed at the blood/girl on her period one.  I could understand the second story that was ruined but it wasn’t that funny.  Just really sexual.  Actually, it was an abrupt ending to any ghost haunting the school since they couldn’t really prove it, but we’ll naturally assume that it was the teacher all along.

What was the second part about?  I couldn’t really remember, but that can’t be helped since it’s usually sex joke after sex joke after sex joke.  Wait, I think I just did remember the second part of the episode – a college of sex jokes!  The only thing that really stood out to me (literally… again) was when Suzu tried to get out two boxes but one of them fell onto top of Aria and “bounced” back onto Suzu.  Classic demonstration of Suzu’s flaws both physically and mentally.

The last part actually felt like we were heading for some plot as summer vacation begins and our student council plans to go to the beach.  While Shino and Aria are buying new swimsuits, Suzu is back as home inflating her tube.  You could never really guess that she was in highschool, but I wonder now if there are kids who really look the young and tiny that are in high official positions in their school.  It wouldn’t be that funny, but it’d hell remind me a Suzu every time I saw it.  Regardless, it looks like we’re headed for yet another classic anime beach/bath/vacation episode for the summer!  And sex jokes on top of that – things have just begun to heat up.


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