Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode six

Madhouse’ latest bouncing boobs made Sekirei look like a child’s TV show – that being said, the first season of Sekirei mostly consisted of unnecessary fanservice, necessary fanservice, and… well, too much fanservice with little direction and barely any action for a “battle royale” show.  The second season, however, has impressed me so far with the depth it gives on the characters, events, and everything all around: humor, moments, fanservice, and whatnot.  This makes for a better show and a better sequel season.  Should we expect a third season?  The manga’s direction will tell us yes, while a possible anime redaptation will tell us otherwise.

The bad thing about this episode was that you knew that Minato would be winging Homura.  The good thing is that you didn’t know how he would, or what other Sekirei would venture onto the roof.  Last episode ended with a cameo of a bunch of random Sekirei coming and closing in on Homura’s location, so it was curious what to expect from this episode.  Who would be fighting who?  Would Shiina meet up with Kuu again?  Will Minato meet up with his sister?  Will the big four finally come together?

Unfortunately, none of these things happen: Shiina runs into West and the two part, never to be seen in the episode again.  Hence, Minato doesn’t meet up with his sister, nor do the big four meet together again.  Akitsu fighting Uzume was a highlight, until South realizes that he’s outnumbered and everyone runs away.  In the space of ten minutes, we went from an all-out brawl to a 1 v 1 North (Minato) versus East.  You’d think that the line ups would be a bit more fair with Tsuikumi taking on a blade Sekirei while Musubi efficiently fights her counterpart Bruce Lee style.  During this time, Homura proceeds to melt himself down.

We get this whole big speech about how everyone misses Homura, and after Minato wings Homura his other Sekirei feel the power.  While Tsukumi ends up chasing her partner with water snakes, Musubi OHKOs her Bruce Lee counterpart with her famous Kuma punch, marking her second Sekirei kill.  I dunno why the mood got so serious at that moment, but it probably has to do with the next stage of the Sekirei plan being played out.  I do hope that Uzume’s problem will be addressed and hopefully, Seven Arcs can clear up the confusion with her and her Ashikabi’s condition, and I hope Musubi will eventually kick Karasuba’s ass, because we all know that she will.  But how will the show end – more battles to come, or will Minato win?   Whoops, I’m getting way ahead of myself and the show.


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