Amagami SS episode seven

One of the latest criticisms this anime has been receiving is that in the latest Kaoru arc, the pace is much too slow given the fact that both of the characters have been good friends for a long time.  I can agree with this – in the very first episode, Kaoru was the one madly in love while in the second episode, Junichi joins the puddle and falls in love with her.  You’d expect two people who are in love with each other to already go out, but I guess Kaoru does really well to hide her emotions.

Last episode presented Kaoru with some mommy/daddy issues that clearly affect her relationship with everyone.  While I did expect it to be somewhat impacting, I feel that the anime clearly spent way too much time on this issue rather than the relationship – the entire third episode revolved around Kaoru’s family problems and the what not.   Sadly, by this time in the Haruka arc, Junichi and Haruka were already doing the lovey dovey cosplay with each other in front of everyone.  Ironic, much?

So the episode starts with Kaoru skipping school and Junichi going around the hot spots to see if she’s ditching class – the convenient store, the library (heh heh), the roof, and just everywhere before he finally ditches school to look for her.  The ironic thing is that if he left around lunchtime (given the extent of the break) and by the time he was at the beach the sun was setting, and since the sun usually sets around five in the winter, Junichi was running around for five hours without breaking a sweat!  Wow, am I the only that found that really funny?  I’m surprised with that endurance he hasn’t had a kid with Haruka last arc by the time the epilogue came around.

Kaoru is back at the restaurant and promises to meet Junichi in fifteen minutes.  The funny thing is that it gets dark right away in the next scene, so I guess either the sun set really quickly or the two of them sat around without doing anything for some time.  Regardless, it seems that Kaoru’s real problem is not that her mom is seeing other men but rather she doesn’t want to forget the times she spent with her mom and her biological dad.  Aww, and Junichi has to comfort her, eventually fixing her problems and letting her move on with it.  Of course, he has to leave with a really cool expression after tossing Kaoru’s favorite season chocolate.

I liked Haruka’s integration in this episode but the even better integration were the two boys playing around.  If anything, those two should pop up every arc with something smart to say – you think they’d be too young to know but you hear them giving advice to Junichi and wisely ignoring Kaoru when she’s crying.  The next episode’s probably going to conclude with Junichi and Kaoru just beginning to go out, so maybe we won’t get a cool epilogue.  It’ll be cool to see one of the arc’s epilogue have a kid though, and maybe we should expect one this time to show that Junichi’s a responsible dad ala Kaoru’s past issues.

1 Response to “Amagami SS episode seven”

  1. 17 August 2010 at 1:41 pm

    I too think that way too much time was spent on Kaoru boo hooing over her mom and her being “missing” rather than their relationship.

    That being said Junichi got some major points in remembering the candy thing. I am a sucker for random acts of kindness/thinking of you gifts. Also I guess the only way we were going to see their past friendship was Junichi running around town and reliving their time together so meh.

    But Kaoru needed to stop crying about her mom finding a man when she is thinking about a man herself.

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