Ookami-san episode eight

Well, today I officially moved into my new dorm at U of I and I’m liking it so far – apart from everything college-related aside, I have all the time in the world to blog the anime series I promised to review.  First things first – I apologize to those who came to this blog during the last week for some of my episodic reviews but only found links that I have given to other blog sites for reviews.  I’m back, and I’m looking to finish what I’ve started.  And that’s the good news so far.  Well, that’s basically all the news I have to give as of now.

Funny thing that my post coming back from my hectic week off should be the one that I started this season with – Ookami Ryouko and his seven friends.  From the beginning of this series, I had written the whole title to just Ookami-san and… [insert title] to Ookami-san and Seven Companions, and now it’s just going to be Ookami-san since that’ll be the easiest thing to write.

The episode got off to a very dramatic start as I was anticipating a mega-remake of the story of the three little pigs in a very different style.  It was epic in the beginning with the over-dramatization of many simple aspects within the plot, but it soon turned out to be just a preview.  That being said, this episode wasn’t about the epic remake of the classic story, but I hope we can expect to see that episode be played out as an actual episode.  It was kind of funny to Ringo overreacting to swallowing the pig-vapor that the brother emitted and how she was going to die, but I guess in that kind of world everyone is a super-hero.  Look out A-team, Ryouko and her friends are back on top.

Funny thing about the episode – it was an odd quest and from the beginning you knew that our little heir would get with the girl that was spying on him.  You could argue that this episode was to just recapitulate on every character within the series as nearly everyone was shown.  You shoud be thrilled at the cameos that they showed with other guests but it was disappointing to see that Ami-chan wasn’t considered as a possible marriage candidate (yes, she was my favorite character).  When all things are said and done, that butler was a douche was pointing out every single flaw on every single character.  Even Momoko-chan had to retreat from the pitfall of praise (and not) about her dumplings.

And it comes down to losing to a little kid.  Yes, I think the butler was trying to make that treasure point from the very beginning but what a douche.  I am seriously going to kill someone if that man comes up again.  Another fun episode from Ookami-san, but it was nowhere as epic as I had hope the trailer would be (yes, I want my little piggies).  It was funny and amusing to see that whole lesbian action at the very end and it makes you wonder what Ringo does to Ryouko when she’s asleep, but we’ll leave the romance to Ryoushi.


1 Response to “Ookami-san episode eight”

  1. 21 August 2010 at 9:07 am

    Yeah that butler really was a douche. He managed to insult just about every girl in the school except for the maid. Personally I think if he shows up again the whole cast will attack him.

    Yeah that trailer really made the expectations for this episode more epic than the reality was. Think it would have been better to just have that super serious battle against the 3 pigs. Does make you wonder what happens at night when Ryouko goes to sleep….

    A fun episode even if it wasn’t the one we were expecting.

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