k-on!! episode twenty

Finally! Our long awaited episode containing a performance and – and – and – MUSIC!

So… would it be bad to complain about the music we did get to hear?

I was pretty sure we’d hear “U & I”, which turned out to be a pretty good song, but “Rice is a Dish” was… okay. Cute, I suppose; and fun. But still… Maybe because I so badly wanted to see and hear “Honey Sweet Tea Time” my level of enthusiasm for this song was low. “Rice is a Dish” did give Mio a bit of a bass solo though, and by solo, I mean she rocked one (or two) bars at best before Yui opened her mouth to sing again.

And boy did Yui have her mouth open a lot.

I can accept that Yui’s the lead singer for the band (even if Mio is better – and thank goodness Mio sings all the ending songs and videos) but did she have to be the one to do introductions? Couldn’t someone else have done the majority of the talking – like Ritsu? She’s the president, after all. Or Azusa, who’s the face of the future Light Music Club? Maybe even Mugi because… well because I heart her. The thing that bothered me was when Yui said that, yes, they’d like to play more, but their time was up soon; well if you hadn’t spent fifteen minutes jabbering, you could have played more songs.

I now understand and accept why the costumes Sawako had created were simple t-shirts, and it was a nice touch to see everyone in the audience wearing them (free t-shirt!) while cheering our girls on. However, I still want to see them in something better come our next performance – which at this rate, may or may not ever happen. After getting two songs this episode, I think I’m not going to hold my breath for anymore music for the rest of the season. And while I’m still disappointed with the snubbing of “Honey Sweet Tea Time”, I’ll be satisfied to see this series wrap up nicely.

Negativity aside, this was a fantastic episode – particularly the second half (including “U & I” in which Azusa had the opening guitar solo). The realization that Afternoon Tea Time had just played their last School Festival was really touching. Yes they still have half the year or more ahead of them with many more opportunities to play together, but this was the very last School Festival, and experiencing a passing milestone like that is something most people can relate to. The initial excitement the girls felt after their successful performance was well deserved as it probably was the best performance they’d given thus far (or at least at a School Festival), and after realizing it was indeed their last, it was sweet to see their emotions simmer down to a tearful, bittersweet moment. Watching the girls cry together was a sign of true friendship, and it was a scene that emphasized that the core of the show is the bond the girls share with each other, solidified by music.

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  1. 1 Windaerie
    21 August 2010 at 7:59 am

    MUSIC!!!!!!! I was happy. 🙂

    I totally agree with you that Yui is overrated. As we talked about in your last post, I REALLY WISH WE WOULD GET MORE OF MUGIIIIII. I do hope that we get to hear her song sometime before the show ends (she started writing it in episode…what? It was a long time ago for sure).

    U & I was super sweet, Yui owes a lot to her sister, haha. So I’m glad the song was as cute as their relationship. Rice is a Dish was indeed blah. Sigh.

    THE CLUB NEEDS NEW MEMBERS!!!! I wonder what’ll happen.

    I’m secretly hoping that when the show ends they’ll show an epilogue of the HTT girls all grown up. (sorry for being random ><).

    • 2 blindability
      22 August 2010 at 11:24 am

      I think an Epilogue showing our girls all grown up would be fantastic! Just like seeing Sawako and Norimi… It’d be nice to know that even if they moved on to “proper” careers and stuff, that they still had a special interest for music. Or maybe Ho-Kago Tea Time will stay together forever!

      I’d still love to hear “Honey Sweet Tea Time” but I’m not getting my hopes up. Mugi has always needed more screen time and I’m sure we’ll always feel that way, haha.

      As for new club members… I think we’ll find out soon enough.

  2. 21 August 2010 at 9:31 am

    So much TALKING! I get that there were probably more songs we didn’t get to see and the talking really didn’t take that much time in the scope of the entire concert. But we didn’t see the entire concert thus we are disappointed. That and Yui talked a lot about the play which wouldn’t include the entire audience so basically people are watching an inside joke. Not fun.

    Also the food song was X_X at best. I think after waiting for music all this time we are all justified in our 😦 over that silly song.

    I think even Mugi realizes that she barely gets to speak as it is. She just about went crazy when given the chance to talk to the audience.

    But the ending was super touching. Brought back memories from my own time in high school. It would be too easy to gloss over that fact so I am glad the show really explored that. Even if it made me sad for them.

    • 4 blindability
      22 August 2010 at 11:32 pm

      Yeah, the ending really made the show – and in some ways, made up for the lacking Rice Song. Seeing Mugi cry was so adorable, haha. (I like how she’s not beyond showing a little bit of snot.)

      Yui would’ve been a better MC had she worked with a script. Going off topic and dragging it out for as long as she did, it’s no wonder Nodoka had to rush her!

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