Amagami SS episode eight

As we approach the end of the month, we approach the end of yet another short parallel universe arc of the world in Amagami SS.  The last three episodes of this arc have been much different from the episodes of this arc have been much different from the episodes of Haruka’s arc – Haruka focused more on the romantic aspects of love whereas Kaoru focused more on friendship and trust.

Both arcs have been good, but different.  It’s up for your own judgement, but I feel that they… what the hell, I’ve give the review first.

Last episode ended with something of an ambiguous case towards both Junichi and Kaoru – were they going out or not?  Well, Junichi begins the episode by asking Kaoru out, or getting agreed to go with Kaoru on Christmas Eve.  Things are looking good – it’s about time, to say at least.  Both are looking good and you know that it’s going to be a fun date, led by Kaoru of course.

The date’s nothing special as both Kaoru and Junichi go along a seaside before heading towards a view tower.  While Junichi is afraid by heights (which he had no problem with when making out with Haruka just four episodes ago on a high hotel floor), he clearly ignores his fears as he and Koaru officially pledge their love for each other.  Epilogue was essentially non-existant, but they stick together.

Very disappointing ending to a very promising arc, Kaoru has spice and vigor, but this episode showed none of it in the episode.  Typical date, typical ending… even I’ve had better dates than Junichi.  True story.  Yes, I’ve even slept in my bed with a girl without having sex with her.

5 Responses to “Amagami SS episode eight”

  1. 1 Fidelis
    28 August 2010 at 12:15 pm

    I’d say the spice was represented by all the teasing toward sex that went nowhere. As for the vigor, the story certainly mellowed in the second half, but that came with the action becoming more and more internalized – if that makes sense. As others have said, the leisurely pace makes it seem like a victory lap than a mad dash to the finish line, but I’d say most of the dashing was done last episode, Both literally and thematically, with them opening up to each other like never before the extent of their need to be together.

    You also have to factor in that the last few minutes were censored, and that she just doesn’t have a big time-skip epilogue for the best ending path in the game. Her epilogue here would have been him and her meeting her parents. I hope they reinstate it in the DVDs.

    • 2 Fidelis
      28 August 2010 at 1:46 pm

      To illustrate the mellowing, we can look at her angry “baka” (complete with punch) in episode 5 with her soft “baka” in the tower. With increased intimacy comes more gentleness, but that doesn’t mean she loses her fiery qualities or becomes more timid. She’s just acting differently, even more warmly, now that they’re officially a couple.

      The date may have been nothing special for you the viewer, but it was surely special for them, bah. What else could have happened? They were just enjoying each others’ company.

      The network forcing a cut from his bed to the still-frame was just unfortunate (in the missing footage, they ride his bike again, at least), but the show could have ended the bed scene better than just falling asleep in mid-kiss (or pretending to).

      If she was just pretending (she smiles to herself and we hear her voiceover immediately after, right?), I guess it was a very bold move to end the scene with such a tease, and it is in her playful nature, but it may be too much a tease for viewers. The game only says neither of them get any sleep that night.

      Anyway, the additional bike footage should go after the bed scene when the episodes are released on DVD/BD. I don’t know if the still-frame was just a stop-gap thing or if it really is the final image. I want to see him meet her parents. Who knows, perhaps the commercial version will be a director’s cut with extended scenes, not just for the end.

      The only big mistake the writers made was not bringing up her mom again. She’s supposed to, while in his bed (but they could made her do so anytime). She needs him just like her mom needs a husband. This would have vindicated episode 7, since the opinions of some take a turn for the worse at this point.

      I definitely take issue with all the time spent on superfluous characters. If they had not taken up so much time, no doubt things we have would be fixed and no one would be complaining.

      • 3 Fidelis
        28 August 2010 at 2:01 pm

        Without taking the game into account, I guess one could just excuse the drama with her mom getting resolved in one episode due to mom and daughter’s really close relationship. Mom was “angry at first but laughing by the end” over the phone, right? Also, being nicknamed “the nuke”, her daughter must be volatile. But the game does dwell on the remarriage plot more, he even hugs her for real in an omitted scene.

        • 4 SPIRAL
          30 August 2010 at 3:24 pm

          It is a great game, but like you said couldn’t be brought into the anime. *sigh* I realy wanted a better scene than what they gave us.

          • 5 Fidelis
            4 September 2010 at 7:59 pm

            Sorry for being late, but what scene are you referring to? The still-frame ending? As I said, the DVD/BD version should have the episode as it was intended to end.

            About the issue of not having much of a time-skip: among the girls, she gets the least of such things in her best ending. She does get a time-skip to college in a lesser ending where they’re sharing a roof but haven’t promised to stay together forever.

            Some people on some sites/forums I’ve read didn’t have a problem with the show leaving them on the first steps of a new journey, so to speak, because the distance between them isn’t as big as with most other girls.

            For relationships with bigger distances between the leads, perhaps reinforcing their ending, like in such over-the-top fashion as the first arc, is needed. With these two however, hopefully the viewer will see that they care for each other deeply enough, and are at ease with each other enough, to take their promises of staying together seriously.

            As one forum poster puts it, their relationship wasn’t as much about earning something new than about fully understanding what was already there. In his/her own words: “This relationship is all about the journey, not the destination.” I generally agree with them, especially with this last part.

            Still, I feel a deeper glimpse into their future couldn’t have hurt, chiefly because all the others get more of that than she does. But it’s perhaps telling that the game chooses to end their story pretty much that way. (The “meeting her parents” scene I mentioned above is actually after the game credits, or so I heard.) So I guess the above person hit the nail ion the head regarding the intent of the game writers.

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