Kaichou wa Maid-sama episode twenty-one

After last week’s disappointing episode, I was wondering what I could expect from this episode.  We are slowing approaching the last few episodes of this somewhat mixed series, and I’ haven’t been doing very well keeping up with it.  That’s why tonight will be a mass-posting of every show I missed for a while.  Let’s begin.

Last episode, I couldn’t think which episode was worse – that or the one about Momoko’s tale about the whole peach thing and coming to defeat all the demons.  Seeing the preview from last time though, remind me to give a run that Usui’s rival will come on up.

Well, that new kid is just like me – somewhat athletic, awkward, and loves food.  I found myself liking this new character, perhaps even more than Usui.  It was a bit weird to see him go about the school doing the things he did, especially eating so much as to basically being the fat kid back when he was younger.  It was a great story about his past, but even more touching when you find out that he’s related to Misaki. Rice balls, anyone?  It was pretty pathetic, no offense Misaki.  Meh, I should’ve expected it after seeing Misaki’s rice porridge.

Especially that tree part, you could sense that part coming – with that whole part reuniting between Misaki and him, I don’t know what Usui is going to do.  I can’t believe that Hinata didn’t recognize Misaki, since she does basically look exactly the same.  His love is really dedicated, especially coming to the city just to find her, but will it over-power Usui?  And how will Misaki react towards the whole conflict?

Lately, we haven’t seen any of Misaki’s female friends and perhaps that makes the plot move a little bit faster if moving at a pace at all.  Since we are approaching the last few episodes and a new conflict has approached, we can naturally assume that this issue will cover throughout the rest of the show.  It’s obvious that Misaki will have to choose Usui, but will they start to go out?  If it were up to me, Hinata would be leading a gang of guys that want to kill Usui and this whole huge fight starts where a lot of people die.  Of course, that’s just me.

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