Giant Killing episode 21 + 22

Perhaps the last game we’ll see in this twenty-four episode show before it ends – the Osaka Gunners are the players to beat, although I can’t imagine a comeback the way ETU has been playing lately.  Notably, Gino has been disappointing the first half since he keeps sending balls over and out – it could be perhaps a strategy to wear out the other team.

Regardless, it wouldn’t be Tatsumi if he didn’t play on conceding two goals.  Was it really planned though, because you could see him getting pissed off at the fact that his team wasn’t really doing anything to prevent the goalscoring.  Needless to say, Kuroda’s mismatch against Hauer proved to be decisive as for one second he loses his man and the Dutchman scores a powerful header.  1-0 already gone.

It was a big surprise to me to see  that Kubota was the Gunner’s ace card, receiving every important loose ball.  Sugie missed him at almost every opportunity – as a result, Kubota scores the decisive second goal starting from his very own play-making skills .  I’m really not expecting anything from ETU, but it turns out that Tatsumi wanted the entire first half for his defenders to simply enjoy the game.  As the second half begins, all of ETU’s defenders are not only doing their jobs but it’s entirely John Terrys and Sergio Ramoses on the field, blocking every ball and essentially ending every Osaka attack.

And now it seems that the problem is now with the strikers, their determination, and their communication.  Even though the defenders may be doing their job, it means nothing if the strikers can’t finish the balls.  Gino seems to be getting pissed off at the lack of effort, but the midfield seems to be doing fine.  I think – Osaka’s defense doesn’t look that great despite having national players so I guess Natsuki and Sera will have an easier time doing what they need to do.  ETU for the win.  I didn’t write ftw because that would look weird with two three-lettered acronym.

4 Responses to “Giant Killing episode 21 + 22”

  1. 31 August 2010 at 7:23 am

    Giant Killing is a 26 episode run. It has been since day one. 😉

    The Osaka defense does have a little problem to work through. ETU barely made an attack on the goal in the first quarter, and most of their balls were stopped before even reaching midfield. Osaka has had no real opportunity to get a read on their opponents offense. This is in comparison to ETU’s defense which has had ample time to adapt their strategy. Fatigue could kick in, but I somehow doubt it in this series.

  2. 2 jGLZa
    2 September 2010 at 4:49 am

    LOL at John Terry stopping every ball.

    I think Gino is going to do something special in the next episode. Also something I we havent seen in the series before… as ETU seem to be on the attack, we may well see them win a corner or freekick in this half. I hope we do.

    Would absolutely awesome if Kuro banged in a header from a corner.

  3. 3 September 2010 at 3:38 pm

    Just re-watched the episode, must have missed the last couple of minutes where Tatsumi reveals what he said to Natsu. No wonder he seems pressurised. So I guess the next episode is going to be about him (& Sera)?

    • 4 SPIRAL
      4 September 2010 at 1:35 am

      or more specifically, their communication and ability to link up with the midfield aka Tsubaki and Gino. That would be my guess.

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