Ookami-san episode nine

I finally get what the theme of the episode is – after a million episodes without me recognizing what in the world the fairy tale is, I finally got that this episode’s theme was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  I could immediately figure it out from seeing identical seven children.  I’m so brilliant.

Shirayuki Himeno is the theme of today’s episode, and it seems that Ringo has trouble dealing with her.  You think that two girls like them wouldn’t have problems with each other but it’s not really certain whether or not they do.

My overall impression of Himeno is that she’s very… pure.  And nice, much like Snow White.  I mean, nothing is special about her character and I guess that’s part of the effect of us knowing that the fairy tale theme is Snow White.  Ringo feels bad about breaking up Himeno’s family since the whole divorce issue surrounding the whole thing messes up everything.  Ringo can’t deal with her because of her guilt of breaking up her family – what a good girl.  Of course, it did feel a little weird considering how both mothers looked very nice and happy with their lives.  Now we also know where Ringo’s behavior stems from.  An interesting twist to the fairy tale, but very welcoming.

Certainly, I didn’t mind seeing the girls in their swimsuit (Ryouko, come on – a one piece?).  Alice seems to have something about Liszt and that’s a surprise since she’s usually the one in the background just making sure that everything is okay.  The one thing I had a problem with was Himeno drowning in the pool – holy crap, how does that pool get that deep?  That had to be about… what?  A billion meters deep?  It’s not the middle of the ocean, although that scene made it seem like it.  Look at that again, and tell me you didn’t laugh at it, because I did.

Well, another episode and another client made happy in the end.  Actually it wasn’t a another job but the way Ringo resolved it in the end makes everything feel a lot better.  Great story, and a great lesson for all of us to learn.  Interesting ending in Ryouko’s imagination of course.  I think the originality of this old fairy tale makes for a heartwarming episode this time, and although the plot wouldn’t be something we’d expect to see with poison apples, it was very touching.

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