Amagami SS episode nine

On my university’s JA (Japanese Animation) Club’s forum, I ran into a conflict about this series with a man I will call “Leek”.  So I said basically Amagami SS sucks compared to what it was supposed to give us.  He quotes

“There was nothing fanboy related to Amagami since the real ones were abhorring this idea for awhile. The game sold really well due to the acclaim it received among the eroge community (due to it’s lack of being 18+ but the quality of everything earned it special honors) and rather acclaimed voice casting. Because of that it’s been whored out a lot and eventually surfaced an anime. Hell it has special edition Tetris Online themes (nobody good though, mind you).”

Of course, myself being awesome, we both had an epic exchange and both agreed that Amagami and Angel Beats suck compared to what everyone was expecting.  You know we’re right.

For some reason, it felt really weird to me that they decided to add the whole Ookami-san narrator aspect into the whole love scenario.  I mean, I do understand that it was the start of a new arc and a new love for Junichi but the whole male narrator really ruined it.  It felt too comical to be taken realistically.  Of course, they did disappoint us with Kaoru’s ending so I really don’t have much hope for this arc.  Nakata Sae reporting into Junichi’s parallel harem of girls please.

I don’t even recall anyone, especially Junichi, noting that Sae Nakata had a big rack.  I don’t ever simply recall anyone saying that, nor having so much emphasis on her chest.  I guess in this parallel universe Sae has a bigger chest.  Boobs aside (I haven’t even gotten to HOTD yet), there was a very comical approach to the majority of this episode as the whole buying bread scene is replayed with one twist – Junichi dropped his coin purse which Sae picks up.  I guess breaking the fourth wall was good in a show like Hayate no Gotoku, but in a show that supposed to emphasize a romantic interest every four episodes, it simply does not fit in the mood.  I almost gagged at the scene where the narrator introduced their meeting as fate.  Please.

Naturally I assumed that it couldn’t get worse from that point – it does.  There’s the whole scene where Junichi runs into Haruka and another scene where he runs into Kaoru at the restaurant she works in, but nothing progressed with Sae during that time.  The whole series could be so much realistic had the makers actually considered just talking about Sae the whole time.  Not only that, the whole “help Sae to expand her stomach to make her speak louder by rubbing her stomach” was a total fail.  Did Junichi actually collapse from breathing in too much?  Holy shit, I actually have to curse at the stupidity of that scene.

And ending with a piggy-back ride, I have to say that this episode makes last episode a long-awaited paradise – I would have expected the first episode to be much better but I can guess that it’s because that Sae Nakata is given the least emphasis of importance in the series compared to the other heroines… her and the swimmer girl.  You’d think Kaoru (middle school friend) and Rihoko (childhood friend) would be the most important but no, it’s the perfect student council girl that’s the final arc.  Hmm, what to expect.  *Spoiler* I know, you don’t have to tell me.  And I love my misleading screen caps.

1 Response to “Amagami SS episode nine”

  1. 1 September 2010 at 2:40 pm

    I don’t think I can stomach 3 more episodes of that voice.

    And I am surprised that Junichi didn’t have to teach her how to tie her shoes. I didn’t know being shy meant being stupid.

    But I still love Angel Beats! despite all its faults.

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