Kaichou wa Maid-sama episode twenty-two

I’m expecting the rest of this show to be good, since we have the introduction of a rival character and come on, it’s the last three episodes – if a show isn’t going to get good in the final few episodes, then it’ll never become good.  I won’t give my final impressions now, but it’s not going to be very great towards this series.  Good idea, but we’ll hear how the whole show played out as a collective group of episodes.

That being said, we had a very entertaining last episode with Hinata coming into the play between Usui and Misaki (it’s about time) and it looks like we’re headed to the mountains for a very exciting outdoor school trip.  Of course, the rumor was that it would be a very free and relaxing trip for everyone to bound, but it looks like the seniors really did the next class in as the camp turned out to be what looked like hell.  Even I wanted a fun outdoor episode, because then at least more things were bound to happen between guys and girls alike.

If I found myself eating half a bowl of rice per meal, I would kill myself.  No kidding, I would turn on some Lady Gaga so that the music kills me before the hunger does.  It seems that all the boys had the tough luck placed onto them during the whole trip of hell.  I mean, I’ve never been under a waterfall but I imagine that it must be cold and probably sting a bit with all the water rushing down.  You have to feel pity for them going through three whole days of that, while the girls just did… whatever around the temple.  No wonder they went all berserk in the end in the camp.

Naturally, Usui and Hinata are immune to the whole deprivation of soul and help Misaki to fight off the swarm of incoming male beings during the swarm.  The effect was much too exaggerated with the guys acting like mindless zombies, but I can’t really argue against that without knowing the pain of the training they went through.  It’d be funny to imagine what would’ve happened to Misaki had Usui and Hinata been part of the zombie-squad.  LOL I’ll leave it up to your imagination, but it was still funny to see the girls welcome Misaki back as if it looked like they were expecting her to make it back still alive.

Funny episode, but I guess it’s back to school again after this episode.  Makes me really wonder why they bothered to incorporate the whole camp idea into the plot rather than saving time in a school environment and making it a little more boring yet accomplishing so much more in terms of relationships.  I guess Hinata respects Usui while the latter sees the former as just a minor threat to Misaki’s love.  Oh well, hopefully the conflict will get bigger.  That reminds me – will we ever see Miyabigaoka’s boys again?

2 Responses to “Kaichou wa Maid-sama episode twenty-two”

  1. 1 kikuri
    1 September 2010 at 7:26 am

    I wish there will be second season! This definitely doesn’t satisfy me! They (Usui X Ayuzawa) needs more development! Yes, u right, Miyabigaoka’s boys esp. Igarashi Tora need to have more airtime…

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