Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode nine

After the interesting turn of events and the modified rules of the Sekirei Keikaku, it looks like we’re heading for a very different and perhaps amusing ending to the anime series.  The biggest difference has to be the rush of every Sekirei fighting – characters are being eliminated as soon as they are introduced, and sadness begins to fill the hearts of more and more Ashikabi in the capital.

The two-week rule really helps the plot to move along really quickly since Sekirei are given less and less to pick off the weaker ones since they are getting eliminated in a nightly fashion.  I guess in that sense the Disciplinary Squad doesn’t have much to do these days since their jobs are basically being accomplished by other Sekirei.  It’ll be interesting to see how this plan affects Minato and his Sekirei in the near future.

Undoubtedly, you had to feel bad for the Hammer Sekirei and the way she was being treated by her owner.  Scumbags like him shouldn’t even exist, and how can you treat such a nice and cute girl the way he did?  What a f* idiot, and not only that, he pitted himself against #107 – Yukari’s Sekirei of Death.  Even when she used her Norite, Shiina’s ‘Death Garden’ overpowered it, which makes me believe that he is an imbalanced Sekirei.  I mean, he is probably able to destroy all things living and nonliving into nothingness, so how is any good Sekirei going to defeat that?  That’s where my theory that Kusano is the only one that can beat him comes into my head – I’m totally up for a dramatic Kusano versus Shiina fight where Yukari realizes that Minato is actually one of the big four Ashikabi.

Part of the interesting section was seeing that Tsuikumi was really relieved to have a normal Ashikabi like Minato.  Although, I can argue that Yukari has already met Tsuikumi in season one she visited her brother (correct me if I’m wrong), she acted much like an old geezer trying to grope Tsuikumi.  The second half of the episode builds up for the next few episodes as Uzume is acting to eliminate her fellow Izumo Inn Sekirei.  This was the big highlight because as of the manga, Uzume has not been revealed as the Veil Sekirei to Minato’s Sekerei, whereas in this episode it was the cliffhanger before an epic battle.  Uzume is my favorite character, despite the fact that she’s bi because she is simply awesome and will do anything to save her Ashikabi, even if it means destroying her friends… am I evil?

A new pace for the episodes to come as none of us really know what to expect now with the new turn of plot in the anime.  I like the alternate ending as of now and I hope that they can carry this momentum as they finished up their Sekirei Project in the next four episodes.  I’m expecting major battles, painful sacrifices, and an ending that won’t disappoint the many Sekirei fans worldwide.  Of course if Uzume died, that would be a bitch.

3 Responses to “Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode nine”

  1. 5 September 2010 at 2:49 am

    Tsuikumi really is lucky to have Minato. Compared to other options he’s probably one of the better ones out there. Feel bad for the sekirei to that abusive jerk. Too bad she had to get taken down like that to finally be separated from him.

    Interesting development with Uzume. Really like her character since she does struggle against a painful situation. She has to take action to protect her Ashikabi. A good person who would rather avoid what she has to do, but will fight no matter who her opponent is. Still if it’s just her against Minato’s sekirei she is really at a number’s disadvantage even if some of them will be hesitant to fight her.

  2. 2 SylentKnight
    9 September 2010 at 12:10 am

    I won’t really add anything to this because the turn of events has already taken place. However, I am hoping that the way the story is being played out in the anime is completely different from the way it is going to be played out in the manga.

  3. 3 Lightning-sama
    15 January 2012 at 8:37 pm

    It was Musubi (sp?) not Tsuikumi that got groped by Yukari also if Matsu is like super awesome and can track anything online and if being an Ashikabi is a genetic thing (cause only some people can become Ashikabi remember) then wouldn’t Minato have Matsu check if Yukari has a Sekirei. But they probs want to make it be a huge battle fiesta when Shii-chan and Kuu-chan meet each other again. And I really hate Higa-teme and Mikogami-teme they’re both arseholes.

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