HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD episode nine: Saeko Fanservice

As we all had expected, this entire episode is dedicated to Takashi and Saeko trying to get to safe house though a different route.  It feels really stupid since all they could’ve done is cause some noise somewhere else and hop through the metal fence when they went all the way around and slept at a temple before reaching the place the next day.  Am I the only that is ashamed at Takashi’s lack of orientation?

Regardless, they go through the whole day without needing to eat or otherwise so I guess that this explains their super-human reflexes when fighting the undead – they’re super human.  Of course,  I really shouldn’t be surprised at the fact of not eating in a TV show because I guess no TV show has characters saying “Hold the plot, I have to go to the bathroom” but for some reason, I feel like this show really needs to have both food and toiletry needs to demonstrate the survival aspects of a zombie apocalypse.  Then again, I’d probably be trolling about the waste of time that these scenes would have had they actually included them.  You win, Madhouse.

Of course, we shouldn’t expect to see the other characters in this episode so it was up for grabs how much emphasis of the growing romance between Saeko and Takashi would be placed into the episode.  Naturally, both of them are running through the crowd of the undead at a breathe-taking speed and before realizing that they need a vehicle.  I mean, the house was just up ahead, and now Takashi decides to need a vehicle?  Not only that, but suddenly we find the urge to travel into the river?  Come on – we all saw that the house was just along the road ahead but where did that river come from?  I don’t mind the whole Saeko wet-shirt scene but we all know that Takashi really wanted that hence taking a weird detour around.

Sooner or later, night time falls and Saeko reveals that she’s sadistic for blood.  Ooh, big surprise there but Takashi takes it pretty well and the two of them don’t end up really doing anything.  Saeko goes all emo on us in the morning wanting to sacrifice her life just to escape but Takashi saves her with an epic boob-grab that knocks her back into good sense.  She goes all epic and ballistic on us and begins to hack and slash every zombie there is thanks to the new sword she found.  LEVEL UP get and the two of find so conveniently wind up back in the haven when they could’ve done that the day before.  Drama queens…

But it was still a fun episode, don’t get me wrong but it remains up for grabs what the next few episodes will be like.  If in fact they’re planning to end the series with them escaping the haven with a whole “here we go again” theme, then it’ll be weird to see the next few episodes.  Naturally, another ending will be a whole alternate anime ending where the world starts to rebuild and the zombie apocalypse begins to end while they’re at the end of the haven.  I really have no idea how this will turn out, but let’s hope for the best of this great series.

1 Response to “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD episode nine: Saeko Fanservice”

  1. 5 September 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Saeko has been and will probably be the best source of fanservice so far and the producers seem to know that fact as well. Hence, this episode is somewhat forced, I think.

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