Amagami SS episode ten

What I did was look up Sae Nakata’s voice and I was mildly surprised to see that her part was played by Hiromi Konno.  Not a bad choice, I thought, but certainly an odd one.  I haven’t seen that many shows with Hiromi Konno in it but the one show that I did end up watching with her in it was Lucky Star, and she was playing Akira who I do believe was that really spontaneous pink-haired news reporter at the end of every show that went all (^^) to being all (>_<) in an instant.  Of course, I haven’t seen her other roles so I can’t really argue against her fitting in Sae Nakata’s part, but it’s good to know that when Sae does gain confidence, Akira’s voice from Lucky Star will plunge from the depths of our memory into the final two episodes her arc in the Amagami world.

Ironically, Kana Asumi plays the role of Junichi Tachibana’s sister: Miya Tachibana.  Miya doesn’t get a lot of screen-time in the whole series but she does pop up randomly with either her friends or some continuous bugging towards her brother’s latest romantic interest.  Asumi’s played a lot of roles including Yukari Minato (Sekirei ~pure engagement~), so it feels a little weird seeing her as… actually, she always seems to play the loud type of girl, so I guess it does suit her in a way.

Arguably, this episode got a bit weird.  And I do mean weird – I would understand the fetish of one kissing someone’s bellybutton, so Kaoru is safe.  I would temporarily try to understand the fetish of one kissing someone behind the knee in a ragged shack, so Haruka is temporarily let off the leash.  But I could not understand a world, even on television, where the girl would willingly speed-change in front of a guy in school on a school day in the afternoon simply for her job.  Sae’s already been influenced by the deep hatred of normal relationships that Junichi’s had ever since he’s been stood-up at that Christmas Eve date.  And now, she’s changing into delivery uniforms, swimsuits, and whatnot in front of Junichi.

Even weird was the… group-date (?) to the hot springs.  Luckily, it wasn’t traditional so I wouldn’t be able to rant about the typical misdoings of teenage Japanese boys and girls in a bathhouse.  I find it hard to believe that Junichi could think of the place as a practice for an interview while Sae had to take fish up her feet.  I’m not going to say what her moans sounded like because the show already covered what it sounded like, but you can damn-well guarantee that the targeted audience for that were the Sae Nakata fanboys.  It was really an unnecessary scene, but became even more unnecessary when we find out that everyone takes a bath when they get home.  Really?  You came from a public bath just to take another one at home?  Really?  Because I usually go to public baths not to take a bath but to avoid baths… I dunno about you guys, but COME ON.  What the hell?  Did anyone else even find that really weird?

I shouldn’t be surprised at the weird things they put onto this show nor at Junichi’s perspectives of having a relationship with a girl, but I still am.  It still makes me wonder of all the different stupid things you can do to a girl in a show to make it look completely artificial, stupid, and unreal.  I’m not pissed, I’m just not kidding around – think about it: would any girls do any of those things if a guy that she knew for a week (MAX) asked her to do them?  Kaoru doesn’t count, but that’s still weird.  A show based on a hero getting with different heroines in different arcs should consider to make it actually look somewhat realistic.  Meh, I’m done ranting… at least the ending was good enough to leave us wondering what Sae meant by her strong statement.

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