GIANT KILLING episode twenty-three

This show right now contains 99% of all my enthusiasm for watching this season’s shows.  No, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this season’s show suck balls completely but it could also mean that 1) I love soccer and 2) the excitement within the ETU – Osaka match is hurting my head.  I can’t believe how exciting they made the last few episodes, and the more impressive thing is that it’s amazing how they could add so much plot within only of few minutes of gameplay.

Nevertheless, we basically covered the defensive errors and responsibilities of ETU after they conceded two goals so I guess that there will be no more Osaka goal-scorers.  At the same time, we have yet to address the problem with the strikers, namely Natsuki, and their influence on the game.  Hence, ETU isn’t able to score and if it remains at 0-2 for Osaka, then it’s going to be a hell of a disappointing run of seven  or more episodes.  I swear if ETU doesn’t win, I’m going to go pelt a ____________ with a ___________ up its _____________ with _____________ watching the ___________ just in time to see that I _________________ and shout “You little _______, can’t you ________  _________ ________ ____________ well, I didn’t know he played the violin” (shamelessly stolen)!

We start off the episode with what Tatsumi said to Natsuki last episode and I seriously thought we were headed for a really boring episode after Natsuki does that whole imagination thing to himself.  It seems that his problems are his nerves which is funny because only a few episodes ago, Sera looked nervous and Natsuki was scoring volleys all day, but now it’s the complete opposite.  What’s even more disappointing is that he’s bummed out because he can’t imagine Gino giving a pass to him due to their incisively different styles of playing.  Uh, I’ve never seriously played as a striker, but what kind of a problem is that?  Selfish little bastard Natsuki… just wanting to score goals can’t help him move past the wanting to actually win the game.  Oh yeah, he totally botched up the chance to make it 1-2.   What a little __________.

Anyways, it really looks like the Gunner’s are falling short of their standards – Hauer can’t break through someone smaller than him, Sugie is starting to block Kubo… hold the phone!  What’s this?  He totally messed up that sliding challenge and Kubota is heading straight for the goal!  After a simple one-two, Kubota has the ball in the goal box with a clear chance to put the game away – but of course Tsubaki comes to the rescue much to the amazement of basically everyone in the stadium.  While a few episodes ago, Tsubaki was amazing at how Kubota moved with the ball, it’s Kubota’s turn to be shocked at Tsubaki’s god-like stamina.  Reminds me of Park Ji-sung (Man Utd/KOR) in a way, but now it looks like everything about to change.

I really hope that the episode ended on a goal and not just a close chance.  That would not suck, but it would be harder to see ETU come back to win the game in such a situation if they’d miss those chances.  All in all, great episode although Natsuki can suck my dick and it’s going to get even more epic as we move closer and closer to the finale.  Of course, winning such a hard game could do a lot of in terms of the league standings especially hurting Osaka’s chances to regain the title.  Oh snap, Tatsumi’s going to be legen…wait for it…. DARY.

3 Responses to “GIANT KILLING episode twenty-three”

  1. 8 September 2010 at 7:34 pm

    I look forward to each Giant Killing episode even more than I look forward to each Liverpool game.

  2. 13 September 2010 at 5:42 pm

    We not finished, but Sunday was indeed miserable. However I do rate Birmingham this season, their games have been very entertaining.

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