Ookami-san episode ten

Certainly the last few episodes, although having good themes, have been dull in terms of the overall plot.  However since the last few episodes are approaching, we can’t help but imagine a clash of fairy tales that is to come to the final few episodes.  Ryouko’s slowly been moving towards the romantic side in her relationship with Ryoushi but still remains the tsundere who always gives him a punch.  Doesn’t really help that Ryoushi is a coward but hopefully in the next few episodes, this can all change for the better.

The next issue on hand is the lack of fairy tales – I know, I know, it’s a trivial thing to be worried about but we were promised stories with morals!  We were promised the tales of our childhood!  We were promised freedom!  Just kidding, but it’s weird to see a series that was supposed to balance on the scene of these stories actually diverge away from it in many instances.  I mean, the best possible instance would probably have to be the episode of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and that was only last episode (it still was a good episode though.  Best one yet probably).

So I think for the final few episodes they’re either going to 1) abandon the whole fairy tale concept and just add a lot of dramatic and epic action scenes to make up for it or 2) bash, mash, and crash a bunch of fairy tales together to make a Shrek-wannabe feeling to the ending.  Shrek was good, but doing that to Ookami-san would probably just kill it.  Speaking of killing, it kills me to see that Ryouko and Ringo were being played by the evil white-haired girl when it clearly shows in the opening that she’s… Shiro’s (?) girlfriend.  Wow, I’m really getting bad at names maybe I should take a break for a while (*hint hint*).  Regardless, it broke my heart to see my two favorite heroines being duped like that.

Speaking of duped, it really seems like Shiro (?)’s whole plan fell into place when he literally kidnaps everyone imaginable on the show.  Luckily, our hero Ryoushi happens to be in the right place at the wrong time, hence having nothing happening to him.  Of course, he ends up training with Mr. Nekko-san (who might I add is totally not a rip-off of any other nekko characters – oh wait) and within that small space of a few days, might have gotten a bit stronger.  It’s no guarantee that he’ll stand up to and match Shiro’s (?) arguable ninja skills but it looks like he’s got no choice after poor Ryouko has been kidnapped by those bastards and Ms. Bastard herself.  Shiro(?) should come out soon after Ryoushi and the remaining Ootogi Bank members kick ass.

I’m really hoping that things turn out for the better with Ryoushi and Ryouko’s relationship.  Ryoushi does so much behind-the-scenes while Ryouko takes up all the spotlight, and Ryoushi barely gets credited at all.  When he does, it’s a small tsundere “thank you” followed by a punch to the face.  Seriously, even I get better off than that and I’m watching ten series a week (eleven now since I’m still deciding whether or not I should watch Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls), so I’m really hoping that Ryoushi can save Ryouko and that she can realize her love for him.  Actually, she probably already realizes that but just can’t convey her feelings.  Ryoushi should be close to dying before Ryouko realizes that she’ll regret never confessing her feelings and hence tells him that he loves her.  He’ll then kick Shiro’s ass and walk away saying something cool.  That’s a cheesy ending but it’s probably what we have in store for us.   Undoubtedly.  Anyone got any theories?


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