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Well someone lied and led me to believe K-On!! would be 26 episodes, but it turns out there’s only 24. Which is okay in a way since I’d originally thought there would only be 13 episodes. It’s also better that they quit while they’re on top, though I’m sure K-On could continue without purpose and still hold a large fan base.

As things wind down, we come back to the heart and soul of what K-On is all about: the friendship shared between Yui, Mugi, Ritsu, and Mio. On the day before their graduation, they decide to go to school (despite not having any classes to attend) and just hang out together. They take this time to clean up the music room, empty out their desks (well Yui and Ritsu do since the others had already completed this task), follow Nodoka around, and have tea. Now that I think back through the episode, it’s sort of like watching them do nothing since nothing they did was of great significance, but at the same time, it wasn’t boring to watch. It was good they started with the mundane things though (what do you do in school when you don’t have class?) and finished the episode with more important matters like leaving behind a legacy. Sure cassette tapes are sorely outdated but it was a great idea to record all their songs to leave for future generations. I just hope they didn’t record over the previous Light Music Club’s songs…

What kills me is knowing that the chances of us hearing “Honey Sweet Tea Time” now are pretty much nil – but it was on their list of songs to record! I’d settle for having it played in the background while something else happens in the foreground of the show; I won’t ask for a flashy performance or any fancy costumes. Just give Mugi her song! And please: Give the people what they want – which is more Mugi in this case.

It’s interesting that the creators got the sentimentality of our girls graduating out of the way (so to speak) in earlier episodes, like after the School Festival and last week with Azusa coming to realize that her sempai were leaving her. This week there were reminders that things were coming to a close (like when Yui finally realized it was their last day, or Mugi and Mio noting that their classroom felt “different”) but nothing that stirs the heart enough to warrant tears, which, in a way, is also suitable, because while the girls are indeed moving on, it’s just another part of life. If these girls are lucky, they’ll be like Sawako and her friends from high school, though hopefully they’ll jam a little more.

Though next week’s episode will be the last (I’m presuming), I’m excited for it to come. I want to see how the show will be wrapped up and what happens to the Light Music Club after our seniors are graduated, gone, and have passed it down to Azusa to continue. Will Jun and Ui join? They’d still be missing one person to make it a proper club. It would be sad if the Light Music Club dissolved after this year but at the same time, I’m not exactly interested in seeing how it continues without Mugi and the others (entertaining though it may be, it’s just not the same). And I say Mugi not just because she’s my favourite, but who would provide the tea after she’s gone? …Ui would, I suppose. She is well suited for that. But then again, the Light Music Club and After School Tea Time will no longer be synonymous once the four seniors have graduated.

My last wish from the last episode would be to see a glimpse of our girls in University/College and to see how Azusa fares as the new senior in Sakura High. I’m still wondering if After School Tea Time will stay together, and I wonder if they’d stay together as a band, playing in public venues. …I wonder if they’ll do that in an extra episode like how they did with the “Live” last season.

Whatever we get, and however it goes, I’m prepared to say good-bye to K-On. But I’ll save that for next week.

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  1. 1 kikuri
    13 September 2010 at 1:32 am

    OMG!!!! This is so undeniably sad! I am with you. I wish next week’s epi will give us a ‘sneak peek’ at the girls’ lives after hi-school. I would love to see them in college. But I wonder what will happen to the K-ON club as they couldn’t find any successors. In my opinion,I don’t think Jun will join Azu-nyan since she is alrealy in the Jazz Club… Ui? Maybe… However,if she is interested in joining the club,she would do it earlier… Wow! This is so thought-provoking!LOL

  2. 2 Anonymous
    13 September 2010 at 7:59 am

    Hoping for an OVA with a post-graduation gig being released so we can get to hear Honey Sweet Teatime. Why did KyoAni have to tease us with the prospect of a solo Mugi song if they’re not going to do it? ;_;

    • 3 blindability
      14 September 2010 at 5:13 am

      True. Let’s hope the creators listen to the cries of the fans and dedicate an entire OVA to Mugi and her song. Maybe an outside-school Christmas Live Concert since we missed that this season?

  3. 13 September 2010 at 10:40 am

    It is still listed on My Anime List as 26 episodes. X_X Maybe OVAs? But that would be weird. But yes I feel robbed when all along I thought it was going to be 26. But 24 is better than 12 so I should be more grateful.

    And yes the people have spoken. MORE MUGI! Sadly I do not think that will happen but yeah. They really did us Mugi fans wrong.

    I found myself wishing the girls had more structure to their day. I didn’t want them to waste their very last day like that. But then I felt silly because hello that is what they have been doing the entire series. XD But I am glad that they recorded their songs in the end even though no one will have the means to listen to said tapes in the future..

    Also hail the mighty bread!

    • 5 blindability
      14 September 2010 at 5:15 am

      I was surprised the seniors eating the golden choco bread wasn’t Mugi and the others… But at least they got to try it before they graduated.

      I hope you’re right about the 26 episodes but if it’s only 24 then I’ll settle for a couple of tag on OVAs. I will NOT be pleased if we only get more B-Side Theaters though, because that would be a slap in the face.

  4. 7 Kaji Motomiya
    13 July 2011 at 1:55 am

    -super mondo late-

    In one of K-On’s OST’s, (IIRC, it was K-On!! Official Band Yarou you ~Let’s Music!! 3~ or something like that…), there’s an entire CD dedicated to this episode. It’s a mix between music soundtrack and character talks. Starting from Fuwa Fuwa Time, they go down the list of all their songs they’ve done, including songs I don’t think was in the anime, like Honey Sweet Tea Time and Tokimeki Sugar (was in prose form in Mio’s fanclub eps). And at the end of each song, they have small commentaries with each other before changing the casette tape. Because it’s audio, unless you understand Japanese, it’ll be hard to understand what they’re saying afterwards, but definitely worth listening.

    • 8 blindability
      13 July 2011 at 6:24 am

      It’s never too late for K-On!! haha. Thanks for the details regarding their CD; it would definitely be worth listening to even if I don’t understand it. Plus: Honey Sweet Tea Time!? I waited an entire season to hear that song sung by Mugi~!

      • 9 Kaji Motomiya
        13 July 2011 at 10:14 am

        Yeah, it is one of the only Houkago Tea Time songs sung by Mugi-chan, outside of Character CDs (which aren’t exactly performed by HTT) and Tenshi ni Fureta Yo.

        Some of those songs include different versions of the song, such as Fuwa Fuwa Time’s dual-singer version (it’s Mio that sings the first half, Yui sings the second, Mio sings the bridge, Yui sings the end). Go nuts, it’s fun to listen to.


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