Amagami SS episode eleven

Same things, same complaints, and same wonderings.  I normally say in this paragraph how the different arcs compare with each other in terms of where they stand in relationships but I guess we don’t need to here the same things.  Let’s get to the plot.  Like now.

While Junichi is trying to figure out what Sae could’ve meant by “I don’t want to be your little sister”, I felt that the whole thing was way out of context.  The way he said it to his friend could make him possibly think that Junichi had some incestual relationship with Miya, or was that just me?  Haruka comes up again with her whole theory that it either means that 1) she wants to be your older sister or 2) your mother, and that just made me laugh.  I thought Haruka was smart, but now it just really seems like she’s just an optimistic…. idol.  Arguable why people like her, but not as much as people will like Sae in her whole waitress outfit.  It was all good as everyone enjoyed their time, but did Kaoru wearing that outfit look really that bad?  I’m up for that it was way better than Sae’s appearance in it.

I asked myself what kind of random customer would give Sae two tickets to an amusement park but decided just to turn the blind eye -it happens every day and it’s completely normal.  While we finally have a normal date for once in the Amagami SS world, I was disappointed that they couldn’t show more of the rides rather than the usual hero-anime-show.  How did I ever guess that Sae would get picked, and holy crap tentacle grope much?  What kind of announcer would actually say “Kids these days mature quickly” while fondling a girl’s breast?  Why?  We were headed for the most normal date, so why?  At least the ending had a great impact with Sae overcoming her fear to hold Junichi’s hand.  And now the fun begins.

One more episode to go, and the stance of the relationship is going well.  Very well, in fact.  I’m beginning to like Sae more and more now probably because she ends up talking more and expressing her thoughts.  The epilogue better be worth it but it’s up for grabs how the Couple Contest will play out.  Maybe Sae will actually compete in the Santa cosplay competition (if she does, you know she’ll win it).  My theory is that when she wins it, she’ll be asked to kiss her partner (aka Junichi) and maybe the epilogue will play from there.  It would be totally awesome if they showed the two having a kid.


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