Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode ten

After last episode’s cliffhanger, I couldn’t help but realize that this episode would have an epic battle, an epic dialogue, or at the very least, an epic death.  Of course, we wouldn’t be disappointed at the surprising direction that this show’s taken from its prequel (the first season) and it’s actually impressive how they managed to make such a sporadically updated manga into a flowing TV series.  We still have a good number of episodes left so it’s still up-for-grabs how the series will end, since there probably will not be a third season.

Additionally, they came out with that episode 00 with the whole routine check-up between the Sekirei but since it actually has no relation to the plot and displays only fanservice to please the many viewers watching the show, I have chosen not to blog that episode since I would be forced to censor 99% of all the screen captures that I would have to take to make this site audience-friendly.  Another thing is that I would like to apologize for the late update time this week which has been due to many reasons.  School among many things, but it was mostly due to my computer being retarded and my screen-capturing tool malfunctioning.

So the episode starts and many of us were wondering who would fight Uzume one-on-one, but before that happens, they show us how Uzume met her Ashikabi.  I guess it’s all thanks to its the landlady’s efforts in making Uzume going out for the shopping, but one thing I would have to ask is that if Miya planned out Uzume meeting her Ashikabi.  Undoubtedly, she isn’t your average Sekirei but I highly doubt that Miya knew that one of her tenants would be winged.  How does Uzume change into her Sekirei outfit in the space of falling of a building?  Mmhmm, that was the one particular part I found exceptionally funny about this episode.  And I’m sure that we all knew this, but Uzume is bi/les but they showed us that action.  Great success.

Back to the fighting, Uzume holds off Musubi pretty well and I found that really startling because in the first season, Uzume was shown as really strong whereas Musubi would lose incredibly easy.  Yet here, Musubi was holding off her own against Uzume so it looks like the training really paid off.  Does anyone else remember Tsuikumi’s training where Miya just unleashed a sandstorm?  I found that still in my head.  The battle eventually turns out to be a draw with both Uzume and Musubi being knocked out before two more Sekirei come in and begin this whole 3-on-2 fight but luckily Minato’s other Sekirei arrive and Hiraga’s Sekirei are forced to retreat.   Unfortunately, Uzume gets killed and after a few touching minutes of Uzume’s last moments and memories, everyone at Izumo is hungry for revenge.  You can always rely on Matsu’s god-like hacking skills to initiate the battle, but when things start to look good for Minato’s team, Uzume’s Ashikabi reaches a critical stage.

Arguably, we can predict that the final fight of this series will be between Minato and Hiragi’s Sekirei.  I hope the battles are not too much one-sided with Minato’s Sekirei winning every fight, but I would hate to see any of his Sekirei get killed.  At the same time, I would hate it if they didn’t resolve everything between Shiina looking for Kusano.  There are a lot of things left to finish in this series and assuming that the series doesn’t finish with a question mark, it’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out in the final stages of the series.  It’s only going to get more epic from here on out.


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