GIANT KILLING episode twenty-four

OH DAMN OH DAMN OH DAMN I cannot express how much I look forward to every episode each week.  After last week’s cliffhanger, it is finally revealed that Akasaki scored and the score is now at 1-2 in favor of the Osaka Gunners, but now the tide has turned.   Natsuki still looks like he’ll be useless for a while (I’m expecting that he’ll score one of the two goals coming up for ETU in the next two episodes) but I do hope that Sera scores and overcomes his goal draught.  Then again, I want Tsubaki to score since he really deserves Man-of-the-Match for this game,  Ahhh screw it, I hope ETU wins 10-2 in the end.  Here’s to hopeful wishes.

A funny thing happened to me t0day – I was playing in a practice game with a team that my team would play against in the league, and I made this awful tackle on the striker.  It was intentional since it was obvious that he would score, but with no referees I had nothing to lose.  Anyways, I got into this whole fight with him since he over-dramatized his pain but our captains split us apart and that was that.  He had shouted “I’m going to f* score on your face!” to which I reply “Hitting my face isn’t a goal!”, but it turns out that his team had been winning 5-0 and 6-0 wins up to now, whereas we have been scrapping 2-1, 3-0, and a lucky 1-0.  I immediately thought of Coach Tatsumi, and how possibly my game could turn out to be like ETU’s encounter with Nagoya or more recently, Osaka.  Where’s Tsubaki when you need him…

Master strategy number two has been revealed – Gino has been on good form today as he was ordered to make awkward passes that would force the defenders to run, namely the Osaka captain.   I had initially thought that Gino would not be the playmaker of the game since of his weird passes but it looks like Coach Tatsumi has slipped one even past me.  It was a brilliant strategy that could only work in official pro-league football teams since the number of substitutions are limited.  Kubota has been taken out, and our left-back has been substituted for a wing-back since shark-tooth Osaka striker would be forced to play more defensively.  Damn Tatsumi!  His strategies are completely genius – he even makes Mourinho looks like a five-year old.

All the strategies seem to fall into place as the Osaka Gunners look out of ammunition.  Even Coach Daufer is looking slightly distraught at the fact that he has been played like a toy by the new coach, and it’s Monseiur Blanc that explains to us the genius of ETU’s strategy.  Wear them out, and then attack with your full force.  So we finally realize that Osaka’s weakness is adapting to new situations and having a good stamina.  While their most important center-back is forced to commit an obvious red-card foul (that was a red card, he completely took him down with his shirt), it’s starting to feel like that ETU will have their best game yet.

What’s bugging me now is how ETU will score and what will happen after the game.  Despite the epic-ness and the hype, it still is only a league game and the Gunners are still looking at the top of the table. I hope they give a good epilogue to show that ETU won something, but I feel like it’s just going to be a “let’s prepare for the next game!” ending with a classic Tatsumi grin and the disapproving faces of his superiors.  ETU FTW.

2 Responses to “GIANT KILLING episode twenty-four”

  1. 20 September 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Im telling you, set-piece > Kuro bangs in a header and probably Natsuki going for the shot when he has many better options to pass.

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