HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD episode ten and eleven: HOTD meets HOTD

Out of every misleading opening, the one for this episode had to rank somewhere in the middle.  That’s why none of you should be complaining that you were mislead to think that Rei would let Takashi do her in an “alternate” version from the manga.  I’ve watched this episode a couple of times in order to find any attempts at Madhouse’s slips that they throw in to reveal any future manga that they would animize (v. invented by SPIRAL: “to make an good anime out of a really good manga”).  The opposite would be to hinamize (v. also invented by SPIRAL: “to make a crappy anime out of a good manga”; word originated from Love Hina).

It seems that my, and many other blogger’s theories (although I claimed dibs on it), will stand correct as the final four episodes have still to come and our high schoolers have found themselves just adapting to a settlement and a safe haven away from the chaos outside the gates.  Since we’ve all been dealing with physical conflicts, it’s now time to address the issues that dwell inside some of our friends, namely Saya Takagi.  We all know that she comes from a very powerful and rich family, but problems still seem to come up, even in the conflicts of a zombie apocalypse.  The title is a play on Highschool of the Dead and its actual acronym, House of the Dead, since our heroes find themselves on an estate that very much reminds us of the first game in the series.

The first episode deals with nothing particularly special – I mean, we do get a whole lot of fanservice with Rei being completely undressed for many of the scenes since she has to recover from acting as a grip for the machine gun (which Takashi sucked at using, might I add) but other than that no skin, no bouncing boobs, and certainly no content that would make this anime 18+.  There was this whole scene where Madhouse develops on the possibility of a slight romantic development between Saeko and Takashi but nothing certainly missed.  The highlight of the episode would have to be Saya’s rant and Takashi’s reaction to it – he was just so badass but on the more serious note, you can tell that the most important thing on his mind is for everyone to stay united and not argue against each other, despite not knowing whether or not their families are okay.  If Saya was such a genius, she’d be thankful that she knew that her parents were alive, although for how much longer remains to be seen.  Kota tries to run away but is stopped by the ‘adults’ of the reservation but his friends stand up for him.  Badass or not, you have to admit that the scene was incredibly cheesy.  What wasn’t cheesy was the short scene they showed of the orgy bus that was to come up.

Continuing from last episode, the orgy  bus led by Koichi Shido was really f* up in the head.  I mean, there is a limit to how an apocalypse can affect your mind, but having it affect your sexuality.  Those girls were not only making out, they were eating up each other like ‘nom nom nom nom’, and everyone made it look like it was normal.  What’s even worse is that the bus gets through all the security thanks to cleavage and male’s desires.  What pisses me off even more is that Shido is responsible for all the brainwashing, and I bet those kids had a good future too.  Actually, who would be stupid enough not to realize that they were turning into crazy psycho sex slaves of a douchebag.  Actually, Shido ranks higher as a douchebag than Makoto from ‘School Days’ for me.  Nothing really special happens back at the reservation, except some people are starting to grow restless.  I actually liked how Madhouse incorporated this factor of tension within the reservation because I felt that this was the thing that caused the barricade to break eventually.  Without unity, survivors are doomed unless you have the ninja skills and fighting abilities of a superhuman.  Oh wait, the main characters do.  Does that mean that they’re going to get away on that military vehicle that doesn’t get affected by the EMP?  Oh wait, spoilers – but at least you guys don’t know what EMP could actually stand for.  Who said it stood for electromagnetic pulse?  What if it stood for ‘Elephant Marching Parade’, and the whole reservation got run over by pyscho elephants?  Aha! (I’m really getting ahead of myself with these posts…)

Interesting episodes but a clash of conflicts as not only do the natives start to grow restless but the orgy bus arrives at the residence.  Rei should’ve just f* killed that damn Shido, but I really don’t know why she didn’t.  She’s already killed tons of people already (zombies they may be) that haven’t done anything wrong, but she can’t kill the person directly responsible for holding her back a grade, ruining her social life, and just a douche in general?  Saeko should’ve just sliced his head off and just said “I thought he was a zombie”.    Regardless, several episodes remaining but I hope that Madhouse doesn’t end the series on a Takashi-monologue that says “We’ll continue to search for our haven, and fight along the way” with a still-screen of the entire gang fighting zombies.  Probably will happen, but I don’t want it to.  This is worse than knowing the fact that if you go farming in DOTA you’ll get hooked by Pudge, yet you go farming anyway since you really need that 200 gold ASAP.

4 Responses to “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD episode ten and eleven: HOTD meets HOTD”

  1. 18 September 2010 at 1:29 am

    Well I can kind of understand the Shido situation. I mean the zombies are a threat to their lives. They might be victims, but they will kill if any mercy is given. Killing them can be rationalized as self-defence. Killing Shido can only be rationalized as revenge and murder. Like with saving Alice there is a need to draw a line and still think of themselves as human. Maybe it’s just as simple as Rei being a policeman’s daughter and not being willing to cross that line even if the world is like this. I still would have stabbed him or something. Besides it’ll be better when Shido and his crazy group get killed by zombies, a much slower and fitting death for him. Let’s see him throw a speech at them and see what happens :).

  2. 2 Impy92
    18 November 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Uh, it looks like things are getting into Shido’s favor recently. Don’t take it from me, look for yourself.

  3. 3 Taylor Faulkner
    6 April 2012 at 2:08 am

    there is going to be a season 2 and shido lived so he will prouably try to get revenge on them by one kidnapping rei and (well you get the picture)

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