[Spoiler Free]Iron man Episode 1 Impressions + OP + ED

A little bit of red hot iron rod and yeap, even in japan, Tony is out to prey.

Read on for a spoiler free short impression.

Well, for those have not watched this episode and are iron man fans, watched the movies and perhaps even the comics, from the opening intro(below), it should be more tied in to the movies than the comics but  I can’t say for sure. It can be a totally new branched off arc continuing from Iron man Movie 1 since I’m guessing it is set somewhere in between Iron man Movie I and II judging from the Mark III suit that Tony Stark was still using but Mark IV prototype did made an appearance and perhaps over and over again.

With 12 episodes to run, the series cut straight to the point, there’s no introduction of the origin of iron man(but it was referenced briefly in the OP) but simply put, Tony Stark is in Japan doing business and something…unexpected happened. There are ‘new’ local characters, Pepper makes a brief appearance on his LCD screen (lol) and that’s about the only other canon character to appear so far, besides the suits of course. The story is fast paced yet not spinning out of control while the animation is fluid and the style somewhat reminds me of golgo 13 (ANN review agrees with me) and Viper Creed which is more updated than the old school 1994 ironman series. The music is pretty similar to the movies, you definitely can hear the basic elements of the cut scenes videos but not entirely ripped off due to well, perhaps copyright? The voice actor for Tony Stark is none other than Keiji Fujiwara who voiced most famously Maes Hughes from Full Metal Alchemist, Holland Novak from Eureka 7 and more recently, Ali Al-Saachez from Gundam 00.

Jarvis: Here’s the list of contacts and pictures of all hawt Japanese corporation female heads in Japan.

Tony: Awesome.

Yet, I don’t find myself hooked and intensely awaiting the next episode. I’m not too sure how the plot will play out considering its limited run time and that’s the thing with this series: it’s just another branched off product of a big series. It doesn’t have the depth nor scope of the entire ironman series what would have real cool is for marvel to work out a long term plan to animate the original comics right from the start, choosing from any of the latest reboots volumes but hey, guess we shouldn’t even complain since Madhouse is doing it and it could be just a trial run for future series.

Will I continue watching it? Yes, I believe so only to find out the ending. Will I continue blogging it? That remains to be seen depending on the 2nd episode.

No, I can’t be bothered to include screencaps, you can ogle at them over at random curiosity.

Speak to the hand, both of them.


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