bridge x bridge episode two

Arakawa Under the Bridge should come with a warning: Watching Bridge x Bridge in combination with eating and/or drinking can cause choking, and may result in having to clean your persocom.

For this second season of Arakawa, Halfadeckshort has concluded that while there may be some underlying, over-arching, fundamental life lesson woven within each episode, it’s almost not worth it to try and figure out what it is. In some ways, I absolutely agree. With a show as fun and random as Arakawa, it can be a challenge to sift through each episode looking for “meaning”, but at the same time, it’s just as hard not to wonder… I think, with the revelation of Nino’s past, we’re going to be thinking back to Season One and mentally sorting through each episode thereafter for foreshadowing and any implications that may have been made about “who Nino is”. Or at least I will. If I have time.

The fluidity of this episode was something that really struck me. Probably because there only seemed to be two “stories” this episode: The one with the Amazons, and the one with the Captain of the Earth Defence Force. We knew the Amazoness and her – uhh “girls” were coming but I was under the impression they would play a bigger role. I was almost sure that a turf war was going to break out between the Amazonesses and Recruit’s Community. But who knows: Maybe they’ll be back. They were funny – even despite the fact that I didn’t get the Saitama reference at all. (If you’re interested, Scamp sort of explains it without being Japanese.) I also liked how, after Recruit was knocked out by the Cheeto and woke up, that he was surrounded by his community (the community that still pains him to admit he’s apart of). It was funny that no one believed him – and not only did no one believe him, but they treated him like he’d lost his mind! The running forth with open arms was the cherry on top though. Real community is offering consolatory hugs to someone after you’ve made them feel like they were crazy. (And did anyone else notice that Nino pulled on Hoshi’s shirt when he ran forward to hug Recruit?)

When the Captain of the Earth Defence Force showed up, he looked pretty cool to start – which I’m sure, was the intention. But once he was up, speaking, and standing next to Sister (especially standing next to Sister) any hint of coolness disappeared. Recruit should be more careful when he uses phrases like “Bird of a Feather Flock Together” since he would be included in that flock – and we all know he still considers himself the most normal and the most sane person living Under the Bridge. Luckily for the Captain, he really did find his fellows Under the Bridge because the Mayor, Hoshi, and Sister were ready to gear up and fight the Venusians in defence of their pure, blue planet.

Now, I know I agreed to some extent with Halfadeckshort about the “not searching for meaning” but I couldn’t help but wonder why the Mayor, Hoshi and Sister were so quick to join forces against the Venusians? Didn’t they realize that he was referring to Nino? Wouldn’t they have defended their beloved fair haired Venusian rather then consider her a potential threat lying in wait? Which makes me wonder whether or not the longer standing citizens of Under the Bridge actually associate Nino with being Venusian. They clearly recognize that something about Nino and Venus go together (shown when Nino shows up and the Mayor casually explains that they’ve been talking Venus with the new guy) but do they consider her Venusian? Early on in the first season, Scamp helped me understand that Nino uses her Venusian status as a front and often says it when the situation becomes uncomfortable and she feels the need to shield herself; from what we don’t know yet. And if this is the case, I wonder how many times Nino says she’s Venusian when she’s around the Mayor, Sister, or Hoshi – since they’ve all been together longer and know each other better. If you think about it, she hasn’t mentioned it recently with Recruit either, has she?

Thinking aside, I loved that Recruit’s plan failed. Whenever he tries to solve an issue with his logic it doesn’t work. And even though he (sort of) went against logic in pretending to be the alien himself to scare the Captain away, he failed. In the end it was Nino and her sincerely bizarre ways that defeated the Captain – though, if there’s any truth in his parting words, we haven’t seen the last of him.

I’m still trying to figure out why Sister jumped out of the window though. I mean, I know the Queen of Venus is more powerful than nukes, but still… He’d better not be getting soft on us.

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  1. 15 October 2010 at 6:17 pm

    may result in having to clean your persocom.

    Y-you have a persocom? As in a persocom from Chobits. hadjdk9gmnwds I WANT ONE!!!

    Honestly, I think the Mayor, Hoshi and Sister were simply being nice to the new guy. If by joining forces they could bring any genuine harm to Nino, I doubt they’d do it. Also, you can sometimes forget that they clearly aren’t all right in the head. Sometimes they don’t think far enough ahead to things like that

  2. 16 October 2010 at 5:31 am

    Can’t say I found the Amazonies as funny as you did, but completely agree with your thoughts on how the gang tried to comfort Ric when he woke up from his ‘dream’, lol. Even that Hoshi seemed surprisingly sensitive… unless Ric was still dreaming, of course…

  3. 17 October 2010 at 2:17 pm

    It’s not really that I don’t think that Arakawa is worth picking apart, it’s more that I’d rather step back and not let overanalysis of the serious parts of the episode hamper my enjoyment of the fun parts of the show, which happened a bit last time. There were profound moments to be sure, but in focusing almost entirely on those things I think I missed some of the fun, and I didn’t want to do that again.

    As for episode two… I’ll have to comment after I get a chance to watch it…. O_o; (this hasn’t been a good week)

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