A brief update, and what to expect from the future

Hey my fellow readers, it’s me again bringing you latest updates on series our team is currently blogging and a brief update of what to expect.  If you haven’t noticed, several of my latest posts have been updated later and later until they have been non-existent… somewhat.  I started the spring season blogging up to ten different anime series and in the summer picked up even more series.  In the beginning I was covering everything but as we got to the final few episodes in every series, school started for me and I found myself under more and more strain to finish the series.  But now that I have a little time again, I’ll try to finish up final impressions and bring updates on the series that I have finished, or have still to do.

I’m still taking a break, but I will come back to blogging in November starting with the series I have to finish.  I have no interesting in picking up any of the series in the summer so I’ll do movie reviews and some game reviews all relating to anime of course.  That obviously puts Amagami SS as my only series as well as my updates, but you shall expect a Fate/unlimited blade works update as well.  More to come, all in the new month!  (You can expect an epic return post as well).

Amagami SS: Hopeless Romantics

The Sae Nakata arc was touching but nothing out of the ordinary for the makers of Amagami SS.  We did see an epilogue but that was just messed up with the whole costume get-up thing.  The next arc is another underclassmen but nothing shall really be missed seeing that.   I’ll get back onto this series as the Rihoko arc starts which should actually be somewhat decent, and hopefully somewhat different.

Giant Killing: …and so it begins!

Epic.  Epic.  As ETU wins 3-2, everything seems to have changed for our men in red & black.  While they did draw their next game, Tatsumi reveals that this team will cause the biggest upset in the league as they’re the most potential giant killers.  Football is more than just kicking a ball and passion, it is about teamwork, skill, vision, and tactics.  Tatsumi aptly demonstrated this and his tutelage will go under great vision.  Providing that everything goes well in the managements above him, of course.

Highschool of the Dead: BRAINS!!!!!

I did not see the final episode, although I stand proud that my hypothesis was right exactly from the beginning.  This series had incredible action mixed with a great cast of voices all on top of additional fanserivce that makes zombie-fanboys, ecchi lovers, and Madhouse supporters rejoice.  I really couldn’t see how during that time Takeshi couldn’t get laid with any of his female companions nor could I see how a bus of innocent silly children could turn into a group of mind-melding seductive bastards, but it’s all good in the greater sense.  I want a second season, but don’t expect one as the manga is hardly updated.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama: She finally admits it.

Trust me if you didn’t watch this, you didn’t miss anything.  Over the course of the final few episodes, it’s basically a random plot where Usui is always involved but somehow Hinata gets caught in it somehow.  Hinata tries to compete with Usui but fails and thus is reminded by a flashback what it means to be with Misaki.  The final episode features Usui and Misaki finishing an all-time record couple-race and winning two random costumes and a seat in a classroom to watch the fireworks.  Here, Misaki admits that she cannot do anything without Usui and for the first time you hear her admit how much she’s happy to have Usui in her life.  The series end with a passionate kiss (approved by both parties) and as they leave the classroom.

Seitokai Yakuinodomo: This *____* cannot fulfill my *_______* in *____*

Arguably one of the more funnier shows with its collection of tossed sexual and perverted jokes, scenarios, and moments, Seitokai Yakuinodomo ends on a surprisingly more disappointing note as the student council just agrees to be the best student council in the upcoming year.  What we thought could develop into a blossoming romance between the President and the Vice-President turned to naught, nor did we see any of the epic plots that were shown in the previews (yes, I know that those were jokes… honestly).  I’ve been taking a look at the raw scans of the manga and found a bunch of jokes that were not mentioned, and let me tell you – I don’t understand how they don’t run out of jokes for this show.

Sekirei ~pure engagement~: Another season?

An epic tower climb and battle between the different Sekirei finally made this show what we wanted to see.  While there were not many new villains as our original ones took their spots with the Disciplinary Squad and an extra Sekirei of Mist.  I was expecting a little more out of the fights but that’s what happens when the whole series is only thirteen episodes.  A surprising twist from the manga, ~pure engagement~ was a worthwhile show that lessened its fanservice and more on the plot and action.   That doesn’t that there weren’t ecchi moments.

SPIRAL: Awesome… high five.

No, not the anime.  I am clearly talking about myself.  Before I conclude, I just want to remind that I actually am picking up one show (maybe two) for the new season and that show is Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, while the second possible show would be Yasogu no Sora.  On top of that will be Amagami SS, but more shows are to come as we approach the winter season.  Movies, games, visual novels, and the lot are naught but hollow promises so I shall to accomplish them for your amusement.

3 Responses to “A brief update, and what to expect from the future”

  1. 1 jGLZa
    19 October 2010 at 6:51 am

    What do you reckon are the chances of a 2nd season of Giant Killing?

    I miss GK and SPIRAL, more so GK though.

    • 2 SPIRAL
      19 October 2010 at 2:04 pm

      haha I would have to say I would not expect a second season of Giant Killing, more only because the anime was liscensed for an anime for the sake of a single season.

  2. 30 November 2011 at 9:14 am

    season 3, season 3
    the finale battle

    they made Blood+ the anime movie into an anime series
    i would like to see
    -Bagi beast of mighty nature
    -dominion tank police
    into an anime series

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