bridge x bridge episode three

Without being able to pinpoint why, exactly, I really liked this past week’s episode. Maybe it had something to do with the central focus on Recruit and Nino’s relationship – or even, more specifically, the realistic progression of their relationship. Considering their odd start as a couple, we could never be too sure how the two actually felt about each other, except that Recruit had truly grown to like Nino, and that Nino was at least comfortable enough with Recruit that she would kiss him (to prove a point, at least).

(I realize the above picture isn’t of Nino and/or Recruit, but this picture of Sister was too awesome to pass up as my first and opening image.)

Nino’s past is a huge mystery and that mystery continues to deepen with the tapes that Recruit found. Whatever was on them (or is on the one that the Mayor retained – hopefully without an over-recording of “Himo Himo Himo~”) must be pretty important to Nino and presumably speaks volumes about who she is and how she was brought up… Or so you would hope.

I found the beginning of the episode a little emotionally flustered: It’s understandable that Nino would be upset after Recruit violated her privacy – and her feelings of anger and insecurity are further justified when it’s revealed at the end that Nino either doesn’t fully understand what it means to be together forever with some, or that she doesn’t trust Recruit just yet when he says that they’ll be together forever.

(It wouldn’t be a far stretch either to think that Nino has these security issues in part because her loved ones (ie her parents) have obviously left her, though for what reason remains to be discovered.)

The whole girls night in/pajama party was refreshing to watch. It was so typical in so many ways but done so well at the same time; not to mention it included the little Arakawa twists like North Star Stella holding Princess Nino in the palm of her hands or P-Ko bringing tomatoes as a snack item to the party. P-Ko acting as Nino’s first line of defense was brilliant: she’s probably the most capable one of the three (her, Maria, and Stella) to act in that role as we know from her character introduction that she’s particularly fond of Nino. Not to say Maria and Stella aren’t, but let’s face it: Stella’s still young – and fairly new to the Under the Bridge community, and Maria’s more the type of friend who schemes up the punishments the boyfriend must suffer.

One of the more surprising outcomes of this episode was how the opening monologue tied into how the episode ended: the great revelation that Recruit is the committed one, waiting for Nino to really understand that. We don’t know why Nino asked Recruit to be her lover; we don’t know at what point she became attracted to Recruit – or if she is at all in the real sense of a woman being attracted to her lover. We don’t know what the purpose of her having a lover is (though I suspect she was growing tired of Hoshi’s morning serenades and thought a boyfriend would discourage his weak and misguided advances) and why she didn’t choose anyone else over the course of four+ years.

I know eventually we’ll hear the contents of Nino’s tapes, just like how we’ll eventually learn about her past. I’m just a little worried as to what we’re going to find out when all is revealed…

End Note: I’d planned on writing more, but there was a break between when I’d started this review and actually posted it. Without boring anyone with the details, the break was distracting enough to cause me to completely forget what I was going to write and it’s still preventing me from getting back on track. Rather than continuing to fight against myself, I’m just going to leave things as is and hopefully the next review will be better.

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  1. 1 SPIRAL
    3 November 2010 at 4:30 am

    Nino and her antics never get old. FTW

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