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arakawa bridge x bridge 08

I’ve always wondered what makes a guy – who’s already got a great girl – leave her for someone else. And while I know it isn’t entirely Recruit’s fault, as he was hypnotized by Amazoness’s pack of Tengu, I still couldn’t help but get upset with him acting the way he did.

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Learning with Star Driver

Now I know Star Driver operates on a certain degree of ridiculousness (ie the things they wear) but… Is this really how males bond?

Now I’m not a guy (though I suppose there’s no real way for anyone to verify that, so you’re just going to have to trust me) so I don’t understand the whole fighting-each-other-in-order-to-grow-closer business.

Are there rules to the fight? Like does a woman need to be involved? A woman that both men are equally affectionate towards and feel the need to protect? Is it like: “I’m going to protect her and you’re going to protect her, so in order to assess whether or not we’re both fit to protect her, we should fight each other.”

I guess, in the end, it’s just anime. And what does anime ever really teach us….?


Amagami SS Rihoko arc

There are many things that are going on through my mind right now as I keep asking myself how the arc played out.  There are many things that confuse within the whole arc and there are certainly more things that piss me off.  There are things that throw off the whole idea of Amagami SS when it could be toned down for the final arc.  Regardless, what could’ve been the arc with the greatest potential turned out to be a very dull and somewhat pointless four episodes.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it was necessarily bad.  I’ve been reading various blogs on the latest Rihoko-arc in Amagami SS and it seems that many bloggers wanted the best ending for Rihoko noting that she had the best-friend card.  True, while it did make me feel bad that Rihoko, being the sweetest and perhaps most innocent of all the heroines, got perhaps the lamest ending with the boy she loves, you have to remember that if she did get a “love” ending, people would probably rage and say that every arc is the same thing.  Then again, by giving the ending that they did, let the raging begin.

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arakawa bridge x bridge seven

Episode Seven is late because:

Nut­blad­der, the group who fan­sub Arakawa, are gen­er­ally 3–4 days behind with each of their releases. …This epis­ode was released on Sunday, on the day the actual epis­ode itself was released, and mucked my entire sched­ule that was based around Nutbladder’s tardi­ness.

What…? It’s an original thought that Scamp just so happened to post first.

(If it helps my case, imagine that I’m Irish with a godlike metabolism. And knee high socks.)

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Upcoming exciting anime: Sket dance!

If you have no idea what it is, time to read the manga! It’s totally awesome!

P.S. The mangaka Kenta Shinohara worked under Hideaki Sorachi of Gintama for a short while before.

Now back to Starcraft 2… I mean, revisions for final terms.




arakawa bridge x bridge episode six

I wasn’t all too sure how to start this post, so how about I start with this:

I love Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge.

This episode really took me by surprise – and I’m not exactly sure why. It wasn’t the first time Arakawa progressed in an actual storyline or managed to be serious and funny at the same time. And it wasn’t like they revealed any more information about Nino, her past, her parents, or how she came to live Under the Bridge. I think it might be because the World of Arakawa sits perfectly on the very thin line between reality and fantasy. Perfectly.

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arakawa bridge x bridge four & five

I’d apologize for having missed Episode Four (4), and being sorely late for this past week’s Episode Five (5) – but I don’t really feel like it. Plus I didn’t think anyone would really miss me. …Having spent the last week or so recovering from being in a broken relationship, the last thing I really wanted to do was watch a show about a rather cute (if not just a bit odd) pairing.

Thankfully the antics of Under the Bridge brought more of a smile to my face.

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Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls episode five

Already I’m busy posting up my episodic reviews just days after my ultimate comeback simply because I am fuqing awesome.  What I forgot to mention earlier in the comeback post was about the music in this show.  Now if you guys know me, I really like faylan’s music [see Canaan’s OP or Seikon no Qwaser OP] but this time, not only were the lyrics completely messed up and had no relation to the plot (maybe except for that “storm of flowers” bit) but faylan just undid any popularity she has with this series.  Of course, I’m probably one of the only few guys that actually pays attention to the music and lyrics while watching the opening and not the parade of samurai girls hacking away at the ground and getting in possibly cool stances for the camera and fanboys.

After the last episode, I figured that this episode would basically have Sen become the next Master Samurai.  I mean, it makes sense since Yukimura is no bigger a character than Sen and since Yukimura got her alter ego last episode, I imagine Sen would get hers in the next one.  Not much really to talk about in terms of predictions except that I hoped that Sen’s issue with kissing Muneakira would be a lot deeper than Rie Kugimiya’s tsundere characters’ tendencies.  Thankfully, I was proven right but interestingly enough, we were introduced to yet another character that I would imagine will eventually join Muneakira’s collection of Pokemon.

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