Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls episode five

Already I’m busy posting up my episodic reviews just days after my ultimate comeback simply because I am fuqing awesome.  What I forgot to mention earlier in the comeback post was about the music in this show.  Now if you guys know me, I really like faylan’s music [see Canaan’s OP or Seikon no Qwaser OP] but this time, not only were the lyrics completely messed up and had no relation to the plot (maybe except for that “storm of flowers” bit) but faylan just undid any popularity she has with this series.  Of course, I’m probably one of the only few guys that actually pays attention to the music and lyrics while watching the opening and not the parade of samurai girls hacking away at the ground and getting in possibly cool stances for the camera and fanboys.

After the last episode, I figured that this episode would basically have Sen become the next Master Samurai.  I mean, it makes sense since Yukimura is no bigger a character than Sen and since Yukimura got her alter ego last episode, I imagine Sen would get hers in the next one.  Not much really to talk about in terms of predictions except that I hoped that Sen’s issue with kissing Muneakira would be a lot deeper than Rie Kugimiya’s tsundere characters’ tendencies.  Thankfully, I was proven right but interestingly enough, we were introduced to yet another character that I would imagine will eventually join Muneakira’s collection of Pokemon.

Naoe Kanetsugu is our hammer girl and she is voiced by Aki Toyosaki who has notable roles in K-ON!/!! as Yui Hirasawa and in Seikon no Qwaser as the big-headed Tomo (if you get this reference, I will love you forever).  She starts the episode as a spy against the dojo and she walks in with a bang!  Literally – she breaks down the door and says the she’s the ultimate warrior of love.  Out of everything that could have possibly been said, that was one of the lamer things and it turns out that she has a huge grudge against Yukimura after this whole incident with worms, superstitions, science, and whatnot (for matters explained, I will not explain it here).  Obviously Yukimura is acting all boss since she basically can turn into…well, a boss.

Hammers aside, Sen is going through this whole issue with herself about Muneakira and after watching her dream scenario and imagination, I totally have changed my opinions about Sen.  She is a naughty princess tee hee hee who actually has a pretty bad case of love for Muneakira and his kissing-other-girls-to-make-them-master-samurai situation.  After that whole scene in the bath (which will no doubt be uncensored in the DVD editions), I felt pretty bad for her since she’s had this crush on Muneakira for quite some time.  I was relieved that she brought up the whole issue of love towards Naoe as Muneakira was having this whole self-punishment against Yukimura’s issues that nobody really understood or cared about, and she found her master samurai form.  Her costume is much better than Yukimura who just gets a bigger dress and fans.

Overall, a slow moving episode that basically did what we expected it to do – have another girl become a master samurai after overcoming the issue of kissing Muneakira.  Introducing a new character helped a bit though, but it was still very predictable.  However, it’s still fun with its moments such as Naoe’s taunting of Yukimura’s childish appearance and the whole “you were grinning at me (while daydreaming about sex with Muneakira)”.  It’s really obvious that the next arc will basically have Hattori Hanzo turn into a master samurai and maybe it’ll be a beach episode?  Judging by the preview pictures, I give a thumbs up.

1 Response to “Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls episode five”

  1. 1 azauraa
    5 November 2010 at 12:50 am

    Hmm, was the opening that bad? I thought it was fine, though the one she did for Seikon was better still.

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