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Episode Seven is late because:

Nut­blad­der, the group who fan­sub Arakawa, are gen­er­ally 3–4 days behind with each of their releases. …This epis­ode was released on Sunday, on the day the actual epis­ode itself was released, and mucked my entire sched­ule that was based around Nutbladder’s tardi­ness.

What…? It’s an original thought that Scamp just so happened to post first.

(If it helps my case, imagine that I’m Irish with a godlike metabolism. And knee high socks.)

Nothing in particular stood out to me this Episode but it did make me laugh – which is one of Arakawa’s greatest plusses. The whole medical examination started as a health competition between two men – and progressed into a competition of “ill” health between two lesser men. Now, I love Recruit (I really do) but I’m really starting to realize that despite all his great attributes, he’s a bit of a loser. It’s the same with Hoshi (whom I also love though not as much as Recruit): If his story about his past holds true, then he’s an exceptional musician who’s tasted success in his field; plus I’m willing to bet my left knee-high sock that he’s good looking under that star get up. But he’s also a bit of a loser. Perhaps under the tutelage of Billy, they’ll learn to become real men.

I would have said “under the tutelage of Sister” – because I love Sister – but let’s face it: the man spends most of his time in nunnery garb. The last thing we need is Recruit and Hoshi wearing women’s clothing…… Plus Sister’s not the most manly of men when it comes to wooing his woman of choice. I think he might need some guidance from Billy as well in that area. (He put up a good effort though. Sister can’t help it if he’s got a strong body and a good immune system. Maria wouldn’t have fawned over him anyhow so it’s probably for his own good that his plan didn’t work out.)

Maria’s blow-up wasn’t exactly surprising, but it was interesting how she only picked on P-Ko and not Stella or Nino. I guess because of the ratio of men to women Under the Bridge, it was necessary that Stella participate in the 7-Day Cooperation test – as opposed to the Iron Brothers who weren’t present at the men’s’ testing (which is fine by me since they’re not particularly interesting characters to watch). Truth be told, I think 7 Days cooped up together in an underground bunker for any group of women would lead to dissension. I went on a road trip to Montreal with three of my closest girl friends once and we almost killed each other. It’s just the way women work; we’re all probably more like Maria than P-Ko or Nino.

Ah: And by the end of the episode, we come to an interesting conclusion: All the girls have dropped except for Nino. The only men who really survived the challenge were Sister and Shiro-san. Now let’s say, if Shimazaki puts her best foot forward and manages to create something at least semi-solid between her and Shiro-san, then I doubt he’ll go to Venus. And let’s say since Maria no longer “qualifies” to travel to Venus (since she’s not cooperative), Sister probably won’t want to go either. If Sister doesn’t go, then Stella won’t go, and if Stella doesn’t go, then the Iron Brother’s won’t want to go. We all know Billy and Jacqueline aren’t going since they’re in a world of their own. That leaves Recruit, Hoshi, and Last Samurai. I guess technically they passed the test in the sense that they banded together to survive, but I don’t know if their final state can be considered “surviving” since they were more delirious than anything. If pressed, I doubt Last Samurai really wants to go to Venus (especially if nearly no one else in his community is going), which really just leaves Recruit and Hoshi. And Ninohei.

And if we can learn anything from the opening credits, it’s that Recruit can kick Hoshi in the face enough so that he let’s go, leaving Recruit alone with Nino. Oh: And the Mayor. I wonder if the Mayor will tag along to Venus if Nino’s going to be reunited with her parents there. Will the Mayor’s custody of Nino end once she’s back with her family in their home place? Hmmm…

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  1. 21 November 2010 at 6:18 pm

    he man spends most of his time in nunnery garb

    And you’re implying that nuns clothing isn’t the most manly costume ever?

    I’ve now got the image of Billy teaching the men under the bridge how to be real mean. The one class Recruit finds himself failing in

  2. 21 November 2010 at 7:53 pm

    Sister try to get sick by sitting in front of refrigerator. Is he truly like Stella despite what she doing at him? Can’t believe this kind of man, exist in IRL :D.

  3. 25 November 2010 at 6:40 am

    Hmm, I think all the men could learn a thing or two from ‘ANIKI!!’ I also (like everyone else, I imagine) can’t wait to find out more about the Mayor’s involvement with Nino’s past and her family… but alas I’ll have to lol.

  4. 4 thaivu22
    6 December 2010 at 6:01 am

    Yes, Montreal is such a great city that it’s worth the kill lol

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