Amagami SS Rihoko arc

There are many things that are going on through my mind right now as I keep asking myself how the arc played out.  There are many things that confuse within the whole arc and there are certainly more things that piss me off.  There are things that throw off the whole idea of Amagami SS when it could be toned down for the final arc.  Regardless, what could’ve been the arc with the greatest potential turned out to be a very dull and somewhat pointless four episodes.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it was necessarily bad.  I’ve been reading various blogs on the latest Rihoko-arc in Amagami SS and it seems that many bloggers wanted the best ending for Rihoko noting that she had the best-friend card.  True, while it did make me feel bad that Rihoko, being the sweetest and perhaps most innocent of all the heroines, got perhaps the lamest ending with the boy she loves, you have to remember that if she did get a “love” ending, people would probably rage and say that every arc is the same thing.  Then again, by giving the ending that they did, let the raging begin.

RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  More than half the comments I read about this arc in various blog sites always has to do with the sad viewer being disappointed in the way the arc ended, while the other half just shrugs their shoulders and says “Oh well, the Ayajitsu arc is where it’s at”.  Personally, I thought that they would choose the good ending for Rihoko where they become a couple and later in college, Junichi proposes through a ring in Rihoko’s favorite pasty (it would make it a bad ending if she choked on it and died =D).  That would be an epic epilogue but I guess they really needed to tone down things just to make Ayajitsu’s arc more epic.  Oh look what I said – I sound just like the 99% of people who were disappointed about this arc!

Take it as no surprise, I was raging too after four weeks of ironically waiting for essentially nothing to change except having the seniors graduate and watch the tea club renew itself with Junichi’s membership.  In fact, the thing that probably changed the most in the whole arc was the senior’s outfits from school uniforms to just normal everyday clothes.  Rihoko’s weight stayed the same, Junichi’s relationship with her stayed the same, Rihoko’s kimino stayed the same, every other heroine stayed the same, Miya was still annoying, and certainly Ayajitsu was the same innocent girl.  Another thing that got particularly annoying were the time gaps – episode one was a week before the festival, episode two was the festival, episode three was New Years, and episode four was Valentine’s mixed with a combination of the new school year sometime in March.  What the heck is up with these producers lately?  I thought the Nanasaki Ai arc was bad enough, but this arc seriously had no direction whatsoever.

But enough with my raging – you can go to any other site to read those hateful comments.  There were a lot of good things with this arc that I was particularly fond of.  The first thing is that Rihoko was the most prominent heroine in every other arc and you’d eventually be annoyed with her presence since she ended up just being really annoying and clumsy, but this arc seemed to completely revamp her image as innocent and almost childlike in how she tries to solve her problems whether it involves the tea club or her personal diet.  Nobody could’ve summed up my thoughts more than in the final episode, when Junichi says “Rihoko looks like so animal-like when she is eating.  She looks like a chipmunk” when debating her popularity with other guys.  Speaking of popularity, looks like Ayajitsu is becoming the most popular now.

So was the arc worth it?  In its own aspects, yes.  If you’re looking for a romantic ending then you’re certainly going to destroy your monitor or whatever you’re watching this on (lonely guys on the subways, I’m looking directly at you).  The arc was very innocent in how cute Rihoko was trying to get her feelings to Junichi.  Her ED song was catchy enough too to draw some attention that you’d think that she’d eventually confess, but I guess not.  Overall, mixed arc.

Now this paragraph is going to just be of funny comments I found on various blog sites about what people thought about this arc.  And for further references… yes, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girl reviews are coming out and yes, I will do every episode of the Ayajitsu arc since she is basically the goddess of Amagami.

DK: [“RIHOKO GOT FRIENDZONED… IN HER OWN ARC!!!”  Let this be our rallying cry against AIC for butchering Rihoko’s arc!!!]

Kururu: [What the heck….The arc started off with a bang, but ends up like a sunken ship. Hey, amagami anime staff, YOU GUY SUCK DONKEY !@#$%. NOT EVEN A KISS OR AN EMBRACE, WHAT KIND OF ROMANCE IS THIS? I’m watching a romance series after all am I right? Amagami SS, and not TROLLGAMI SS let’sdrinkteaandeatdessertsalldaylawls!(If I wanted to watch that, I would watch K-on instead, twerps!). You know what else I hate? Those 2 teaclub senpai.(I hate them, I HATE THEM ARRGHHHH). They are not interesting and they always leech off as much screen time as they can whenever they appear. Remember the oden scene in Ai’s arc? Yea, that was retarded. Man, I thought Ai’s arc was boring, but Rihoko got shafted so badly that it’s not even funny. Seriously, how the heck are they going to sell the DVD/Bluray?]

Teh Jawknee: [“hooray for composed Juinchi considering his “Oppai! Oppai!” childhood days.”]

Hagiri: [As with the majority in this thread,
~takes a deep breath~
It had to end this way……
Onto the last arc w/c I’m guessing a lot are waiting for.]

4 Responses to “Amagami SS Rihoko arc”

  1. 23 November 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Oh god I feel you completely.

    I mean, isn’t the whole point of each girl having her own arc is to see her get her man? COME THE FUCK ON. What the hell were the animators THINKING.

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