Amagami SS – Ayajitsu Tsukasa arc

The ultimate arc that has everyone on the edge of their seats from the last several disappointing arcs of Amagami has finally ended after its casual run of four episodes.  Initially, Ayajitsu Tsukasa was voted as the most popular girl in the Amagami world hence the producers decided to do her arc last.  Plus, she’s the girl with the most developed problem unlike others who either can’t speak too loudly or can’t swim well enough or can’t continue their tea club.

I’m not pointing any fingers when I’m saying that this was potentially the most satisfying arc in terms of during and after.  I’m surprised that they showed that the two had a kid and even how Tsukasa changed her hair a lot.  No matter – she’s still sexy.  A sexy cunning devil at that.

If you know me, you know that I usually research the anime I watch (“Stop lying, we know you’re a loner who plays the games!”).  *sob sob sob* You guys are right – who am I kidding?  Regardless, I played Tsukasa’s arc on the PS2 and I read a couple of fan mangas on her arc and the anime surprisingly took a different direction than I thought it would.  Normally, I wouldn’t expect that whole ending saga where Tsukasa is undoubtedly trying to lock away her persona  but seeing how the last episode played out, it was very well played-out.

Surfing the web, I realized that a lot of people already knew Tsukasa’s problem aka her dark personality.  I honestly hoped that the anime would make it seem darker but it was made light of things and nothing really serious was addressed.  Perhaps the scariest moment was only in the second episode where Tsukasa said that if anyone read her notebook, she would not be able to attend school and she would make sure that that person wouldn’t either.  How bad can it be?  I mean, the worst I can think of is probably writing in her notebook that everyone’s an asshole and how she wants to kill everyone because of their uselessness.  Suddenly, Tsukasa isn’t attractive anymore.

Regardless, Junichi finally acts like a person without queer sexual desires unlike the other arcs and he addresses Tsukasa’s problems with care and the understanding that she deserves.  If they screwed up this arc, then Amagami SS would officially be a failure.  Now that they didn’t do that, it’s a semi-failure: three good arcs and three bad arcs.  I’m not addressing which ones are which, but if you read my other posts, you know what I’m talking about.

A very boring and cliche ending to Tsukasa’s and Junichi’s highschool scene but a somewhat cute and touching epilogue.  Apart from that, I noticed that the little Tsukasa has a huge freakin’ head.   I hold back from what I say when I’m saying that the artwork could’ve been handled more neatly.  They decided to cut Tsukasa’s hair and it was a fun conclusion to a fun series, even ending with azusa’s original opening “I Love” showing all the different heroines.

As to the end of any series, we ask our poll: who was your favorite girl?


2 Responses to “Amagami SS – Ayajitsu Tsukasa arc”

  1. 19 December 2010 at 2:05 am

    thumbs up for tsukasa xD

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