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Sometimes you just know that some things were never meant to be. I am, of course, referring to the so-called second season of Arakawa Under the Bridge. I’d planned on reviewing the last two episodes together because they share the same story: The Battle to be King Under the Bridge. When I’d planned on watching Episode Thirteen, the sound to my laptop disabled itself. It lasted for over a week and there was nothing I could do to fix it (or at least everything I tried wouldn’t work). Finally, for no particular reason other than to further mystify me, the sound worked again. And so here it goes for the end of Arakawa Bridge x Bridge.

In episode twelve, Recruit and Hoshi were the last two standing against P-Ko and eventually lost to her simultaneously. P-Ko then advanced to face off against the heavy weights: Last Samurai, Ninohei, Maria, Stella, Sister, and the Mayor. She eventually loses to the Mayor, feeling that if she really loved him, his wish being fulfilled was more important than her own. In the end, however, Sister and Maria are the victors of the round and move on to fight each other from the title of King Under the Bridge. Despite Sister’s skill and array of arsenal, it’s no surprise that Maria wins (for no one can escape that poisoned tongue of hers) and thus becomes Queen of Arakawa, her one wish to be fulfilled by the other residents Under the Bridge.

And that decree is to care for her sheep.

There’s a role for the women – to make clothes for the sheep so they won’t be cold, and a role for the men – to act like dogs. Now any shepherd will tell you that dogs can be invaluable in herding the sheep and watching out for predators, but I’m pretty sure Maria enjoyed her orders beyond its practicality. Oh well, it could have been worse.

Unsurprisedly, there was no mention or hint to Nino’s past and she spent the better part of both episodes asleep. Only at the very end of the thirteenth episode (and the season) does the focus shift back to Nino and her concerns for what I can only assume to still be her imminent departure for Venus.

So far there hasn’t been any news (that I can find) of a third season airing, and it’s hard to tell from the epilogue after the ending credits. And, to be honest, if a third season does air, I’m not likely to review it. This past season was difficult and disappointing as the bar was set quite high by the first season. And not to say that the second season was complete crap (because I did enjoy parts of it) but it presented an interesting plot that it never followed up with.

At the end of all things, I can’t say that Arakawa thrilled me this time around, but it did make me laugh. It’s too bad those laughs didn’t last very long, and if the new season were more interesting, those laughs probably would have been forgotten by now.

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  1. 11 January 2011 at 7:18 am

    Well, at least your laptop’s fixed. 🙂

    Such a shame it had to end on such a note.. BUT, there were were some really awesome moments nonetheless, and I’ll defo remember those (and possibly check out the manga at some point). It’s been interesting seeing the varying reactions everyone’s had to the series (on a scale of The Cart Driver to Metanorn, for example, at least I think they were the two extremes I came across in terms of enthusiasm levels), out of whom I’d say we were pretty much on the same wavelength at least. And finally, hope you have a happy(/happier) new year!

    • 11 January 2011 at 7:25 am

      Thanks Hana! I hope you had a happy new year too.

      I always admired how positive you could be, but Bridge x Bridge was such a let down in the end for me. I’ll always love the cast and the series, but yeah… I just wish they stayed on the track that I wanted them to be on, haha.

      Curiosity will probably get the better of me and I’ll most likely end up following the manga. I’ll never stop looking for the truth behind Nino!

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