Freezing – Episodes 1 & 2

OK. Here we go, my first post. *closes eyes & tries not trip* Seeing that the 2nd episode out already and this is my first post I will just quickly get myself up to date and cover both episodes together. Also these two episodes cover the first chapter of the manga, so they go well together.
So, either I have been watching some really tame anime of late or Freezing was excessively violent. I suspect its a case of the former but there was certainly alot of blood and dismemberment in this show, a good sign for show which claims to be a fighting show.

The first episode is action packed given that the entire episode is a battle scene. In between the battle they squeeze in some background story and character introductions. They explain that in the future Japan is attacked by creatures called Nova (they don’t mention that they are aliens but I will assume that they are) and that the only people able to fight them effectively are female warriors with special abilities known as Pandora’s. We also learn that each pandora has a unique weapon and style with which they fight but in order for them to be truely effective against the Nova, each pandora needs to sync/pair with a limiter (often a younger male) who negates the freezing zone of the Nova to allow the pandora to move freely around the Nova. They go on to talk about other techincal jargon about advances in medical technology but I will skip over that and jump straight to the chase.









In the first episode we meet Bridgette L. Satelizer the “Untouchable Queen” a strong-exterior-hiding-a-soft-interior type female character, she is also the number 1 ranked sophmore at the pandora academy and she is top ranked for reason, she defeats ranks 9-3 without them even laying a finger on her! We also meet Aoi Kazuya a junior limiter who’s starting his first day at the academy who unlike ms. Satelizer is all pansy. He and Satelizer-chan meet in rather dubious circumstances too where he causes her to suffer her 1st defeat. There are other characters but these two are obviously the main two.











Episode 2 adds more to the Pandora theory, giving us our first glance at ‘Pandora Mode’ which looks a hell of a lot better in the manga to be honest. Nevertheless episode 2 ups the ante on all fronts with better action and more b00bs as Gandessa Rowland the pandora who beat Satelizer-chan looks to rub salt in her wounds. Before the battle Kazuya attempts to apologise to Bridgette. Unfortunately Kazuya hasn’t yet managed to get it through his thick skull that Bridgette clearly doesnt like being touched and when he touches we get a brief glimpse at Bridgette’s past when we see her crying as a little girl. This is textbook post-dramatic trauma stuff here, I’m willing to money on it that at some point in her life Ms. Satelizer was abused, most likely in a sexual kind of way.

Although the action scenes are pretty good and bloody, after watching it a second time I noticed that the animation quality isnt the best (I was probably distracted by all the blood and dismemberment). The battles however do make sense / are semi-realistic, as in if you are cut by a sword, blood gushes out from where you were cut, your clothes do not suddenly just explode off from a punch. Thus there is decidely less tits than in Ikkitousen or Queens Blade which early season punters had compared Freezing to, thats not to say that it will stay that way though.

Friends have told me that the manga is pretty decent so hopefully we see some actual story develop (haven’t seen much yet) as opposed to just pantsu shots. But other than the boring ass OP & ED’s, I’ve enjoyed the show and will definately be watching the rest of it.


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