Level E – Episodes 1 & 2

Oi! Last night I arrived home as usual, turned on my laptop, opened my always trustful and free mail inbox and suddenly found an item that made me feel as a kid in Christmas morning! (No, I didn’t won any lotto prize neither I received a date invitation from Anne Hathaway.. but close enough…), I had been accepted as one of the new cannon fodders (ahem!) authors for Bokutachi no BLOG!!, hence been worn up with the task to entertain our loyal readers, try to bring new ones into our clan and by that means add a new chapter in this blog’s Epic History. That been said, allow me to start with the show:

Believe it or not, the "E" in the title IS for E.T.

When I first read the preview for this series, gotta say that I was waiting something totally different. Never read the manga before (And after watching ep. 1 will definitely keep it that way, I like to be surprised…) hence had no idea that this was gonna be so tremendously amusing.

The background presents us with an Earth inhabited by several alien races living amongst earthlings without them even noticing (where have I heard that before??). The story talks about young high school student Yukitaka Tsutsui while he comes to start living alone in a new city. He suddenly finds that his apartment has been invaded by a strange blond guy wearing his (Tsutsui’s) clothes. This man, which we later learn is named Baka (I know, if you watched Baka to test to shoukanju then you know the meaning of the word..) and is, by all means, an alien that just arrived to Earth on a escape capsule from his mothership.

Alien or not, he's completely unbearable...

Gotta say that in the beginning I thought that Baka was Nino’s Venusian older brother, he looked so innocent but canny at the same time that I was moved to feel like he was just going to dive into the river and bring out a huge fish for dinner… But while the episodes moved on, so did my initial perception.. and found in the end that he’s much better!! (Ok, probably not “better”, otherwise blindability will kick me out of the roster without hesitation…) but different in a good manner. Let me explain, armed with super awesome healing powers, Disapparition capacities and politics charisma, he’s also totally and absolutely cynical, manipulator, cruel, two-faced and enjoys tremendously by psychologically torturing Tsutsui and the rest of the crew. The beating scenes made me jump out of my sit LMAO, while the “Let me show you the real me…” part made me really feel empathy for him (I mean, who hasn’t felt like a Clive trapped inside a human envelope sometimes?) until we come to know that it was only his Pet we were seeing in the screen,… then I really wanted to hit someone.

Alien, abandoned, naked, and still managed to save his puppets..

During the second episode we learn that Baka is actually the Prince of planet Dogura, which might be the reason of his spoiled and bossy behavior (or not..), and also meet his escort team who just arrived to Earth in order to take him to the Universal Conference for dunno-what, but the case is that they cannot arrive late to it. Only issue is that during a shopping rampage, Baka runs into a lady being harassed by a gang, and after getting him self beat up by the gang lead, he runs out of patience and hits him badly, presumably killing him (and he still asks Tsutsui and Miho if this was a good or a bad thing.. LOL!).

As I said in the beginning, I was really excited before watching these episodes.. and quite more after doing so! (Don’t get me wrong, I mean I was really looking forward to watch them.. and now I really want to watch the next one right away!).

Still don't get why the baseball profile is important..

If you like the alien related stuff, serious topics amongst hilarious situations and viceversa, then Level E is for you. If you’re not, try it anyway, you may be surprised of how easy it is to get engaged with it…

Over and Out!

2 Responses to “Level E – Episodes 1 & 2”

  1. 1 Kyo Arashi
    22 January 2011 at 10:22 am

    Nice, well i’m not one to comment much on this blog (i think i did once) and i was kinda sad the blog was “dead” for a long time, no new blogs and what not. My favorite blogger was spiral and once spiral left i was..well yeah. I love blindability and all on but, not my fav. I was definitely skeptical about the new bloggers and im gona say right away that from what i’v read your my favorite thus far. so please keep going (the other were fine but ummm “dry”) i don’t like being harsh but such is life ^^U. Long post i know, now you know why i don’t comment much. Well that’s about it (man i should have sent in something to be a blogger….XD) keep doing what your doing and i hope to see you grow as a blogger.

  2. 22 January 2011 at 4:20 pm

    Thanks, Kyo!.. Can´t tell you how good your comment makes me feel, think I just got a glance at how it feels to win an Oscar, Pullitzer, Nobel and Emmy prices all at once (well, not really about the Emmy…).Appreciate the time you took to write it (based on the size should have been quite of it.. :D) and will take it as an incentive to keep growing as a blogger.BTW, this recognition goes in big part to all the excellent bloggers from BnB, since they have been my teachers from the very moment I began reading it… Hope to read you again soon, and will struggle to keep your positive comments flowing on. (Thought you were the only one capable of writing big comments?… I learn fast!.. :D)

    Over and Out!

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