Fractale – Episodes 1 & 2

Yo!  I once read an article about how humanity, thanks to new technologies and thoughts tendencies,  is “evolving” slowly but surely to a society where we won’t need anymore to be physically in touch with anyone; where the community nucleus would be no other than each one himself. After watching these first 2 episodes, I think Fractale authors hit the same link, too…


In Fractale we arrive to a sci-fi world (which actually resembles the actual one a lot… except for the airships) where people runs away from anyone or anything that may tie them down, call it having a house, a job or even their own families!. In such world, there’s a “Fractale System”, which remunerates the people for uploading their lives info (with what purpose?, dunno… perhaps it’s sponsored by some stalkers company). The case is that since everybody gets enough for living they just keep moving from one place to another, with no worries or conflicts in a relatively peaceful way.

Another important detail that we’re introduced to is the use of Dopplers, which are kind of 3D avatars representing people themselves (but in totally psychedelic shapes..) and that carry on the function of keeping people communicated between them. This dopplers, apparently can’t be touched by people, they’re only an image projected somehow. (I know, too many technical details, but I feel all of them will be important within the story.. believe me, I already watched episode 2.. :D).

Welcome to Legoland!

In this world, we find Clain, a boy with a passion for old things (yeah right!… old for them, but I would give my right hand for the music player and the computer equipment he has…). Contrary to the rest of the people beliefs, he owns a house and lives near a small town located in the middle of nowhere, meaning he doesn’t like the roaming way of life the rest of the world is enjoying.

Every teenager's dream made true!

One day, while doing the morning prayer (which apparently is the way the Fractale system fetches the live information from people…) he meets a girl being chased in her airship. After helping her, he takes her to his house,where they have a brief but deeply interaction, and the girl, who is named Phryne and resembles a classic RPG priestess character, secretly approves him for taking care of a small jewel she carries on. Next morning the girl has gone (Man, this sounds soooo familiar! *sniff*).

From that jewel emerges a little girl named Nessa, the moe character and most probably the one to take care of during the rest of the series. Clain finds out that, even if he thinks she’s a Doppler from Phryne, he’s able to touch her, as well as she’s able to touch the rest of the dopplers around.

Nessa knows nothing about the way of living of that world, probably because apparently both her and Phyrne come from a different (town, continent, world, time, dimension.. pick whatever suits you better…). After Clain found out that when he felt uneasy with Nessa’s smile he wasn’t able to touch her, leaving Nessa in charge of social security agency, been captured by team rocket the gang that was chasing Phryne during the first episode (come on!, don’t tell me you didn’t think it, too…), going back home and running half a marathon back when he realized that he felt lonely without her, she finds him and both reconcile (means, he was able to touch her again..) just to fall in a classic Pokemon-ished trap (see?.. we’re back to that again, it’s not just me…).

Nessa, I pick you!

As a final comment, this is supposed to be one the biggest project this season, considering the people involved in its production, I’m looking forward for a great deep classic story behind it. And don’t get me wrong, the elements are all set: a potential utopia involving moral dilemmas, a one-in-his-kind boy (at least for the context, since I can remember at least 10 similar characters…), an out-of-this-world moe heroine sent to save us all, and an evil antagonist capable of scary evil acts to avoid it (no, it’s not the “dumb, dumber and dumberette” gang I’m talking about..). The art is high quality, just a little old styled for my taste. I really liked the soundtrack and the episodes moved on in a good pace… I just want to know if Fractale will live up to our expectations.

Gotta fly!

Over and Out!

2 Responses to “Fractale – Episodes 1 & 2”

  1. 1 Kyo Arashi
    24 January 2011 at 2:57 am

    -sigh- you can write long comments to eh? You know i’ll have to take this as a challenge. (and i didn’t want to write allot this time >.<…darn male sense of competition…) well nice intro and i'v also been thinking the same thing every now and then. Though more importantly my thoughts on the blog itself. Sadly i was expecting much more out of you.Is what i would have liked to say to make you try harder, but i can't. This was surprisingly good. Didn't feel like just a summary of the story (which i have read blogs like all to many) and great commenting in between. The best part out of this is you have convinced me to watch this anime. Which is not easy trust me. So all in all keep up the good work. I'm just being nice to you right now thats all just wait till i shred your blog piece by piece and leave you like an empty shell thinking you are so bad you will never write again muahahah. No, but really i'd never do that XD. Well i think this post is a tad longer and in all of 5 minutes. beat that

  2. 24 January 2011 at 3:05 am

    Talking about male sense of competiotion, huh?!… I’ll dare to take your bet: the moment I let you shred one of my blogs into pieces, I’ll write a comment so long in response that yours will look like a little tiny quote, Mwahahaha!

    About the series, I have a good feeling about it. Don’t think it will have lots of action, neither pants flashes, not even a classic catchy phrase in it; but the story development and the plot background looks deep enough to put my lonely braincell to work extra time..

    Hope you enjoy it, I’ll try to keep my posts good enough for it..

    Over and out!

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