Freezing – Episode 3

The story doesn’t seem to be progressing much, I know its only the 3rd epiosde but this is a 12 episode show so we should atleast have some sort of plot by now. All they seem to be doing is adding in more & more characters by way of pointless fights. And there wasn’t even much fighting in this episode.

Bridgette L. Satellizer

So the episode resumes the day after the previous episodes events, just another day at West Genetics Academy. Aoi-kun is officially introduced to his class and he is later astonished by the food selection in the canteen. I found this funny because the same joke/story-device was used in Infinite Stratos last week. It makes sense though I guess as both schools are quite elite.
Anyway back to Freezing. Aoi-kun resumes his suicidal (self-imposed) task of trying to apologise correctly to Bridgette L. Satellizer. As before she dismisses his advance and runs away.

Aoi-kun finds Bridgette hiding on the roof and he once again begins his apology and once again he is interupted. This time they are interupted by a new character, Kannazuki Miyabi, The Liberator of Chastity (Self-titled).

Kannazuki Miyabi

I was getting rather bored by this stage so my mind began to wander… Bridgette L. Satellizer could be thought of as some kind of accidental hero. A hero to people who are or have been bullied at school, because that is exactly what is happening here. Bridgette is basically getting picked on here all the time. The only difference in her case is that she can actually fight back! I don’t even know why they’re picking on her, you’d expect the (formerly) no.1 ranked Pandorra to garner some kind of respect? It’s wierd, maybe they are picking on her because she’s wearing a different uniform from everyone else; school kids can be so petty.

Different Uniforms

In Satellizer-senpai’s defense its not that she has a short temper like everybody paints her to have, she often gets provoked and in this episode she actually walks away. However, Aoi-kun isn’t so lucky. The Liberator of Chastity is so named because she has a reputation of “devouring” new young limiters i.e. young boys…
Miyabi ScreamingThen in a shock turn of events, Satellizer-senpai’s morale compass kicks in and she returns to help Aoi-kun. Now Miyabi is a actually a junior, a year above Bridgette and thus more powerful, or so she believes. Bridgette repels each of Miyabi’s attacks and then replicates a junior-class techinque, the “Axel Turn” and manages to cut Miyabi’s face. Miyabi then gets serious and activates her Ereinbar using her limiters and freezes Satellizer (aha! thats where the title comes from).

The fight gets pretty brutal and Miyabi ends up torturing Bridgette by playing with her nipples and taking leud photo’s. That is until Aoi Kazuya (yes, the loser male-lead) steps up and goes all Limit-less on everybody!

Ok, thats a bit of an over-exageration, he does manages to neutralize Miyabi’s limiters freezing and then freezes them all which gives Satellizer the opportunity to go to town on all their asses! And just before she is about to deliver the killing blow, the teachers once again turn up to put a stop to it all.

Killing Blow

Then at the end of the episode, the creative team tries to trick us by showing some anonymous Pandora defeating a Nova in super-quick time with some really slick moves. However it turns out that it was just a training simulation. She (the Pandora) is then approached by another scheming Pandora who asks her to take care of a troublesome sophmore. Hark! could this be some kind of plot? I guess I will have to wait until next week to see. Hmm…


7 Responses to “Freezing – Episode 3”

  1. 24 January 2011 at 9:03 pm

    Freezing is a sad anime series. It could have been better if they remove the fanservice. They tends to go with sadistic torturing in most of the fights. And this episode is no exception.

    The heroine got shown her ass (panty pulled down) to Miyabi and three other guys. Good execution? No.

    • 2 jGLZa
      25 January 2011 at 12:31 am

      Yeah. I’m trying to look past that but its quite difficult.
      Ultimately it depends on what time of day it is that I’m watching this.

  2. 28 January 2011 at 5:53 am

    I still don’t see why would anyone choose to adapt Freezing out of Im Dal Young’s manga/manhwa works when he has some greater series.

  3. 28 January 2011 at 2:00 pm

    They could have toned it down and it will be perfect. Anyone agrees?

    • 6 jGLZa
      28 January 2011 at 4:51 pm

      The over fan-service doesnt even bother me anymore, I guess my senses have been dulled – well done Japan. I half expect it now, but if they toned it down I probably wouldnt even notice it to be honest.

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