Yumekui Merry Episode Three: Visions of Doughnuts

I honestly didn’t think too much about which shows I was going to review this season, and when I chose Yumekui Merry, it was 100% based on the beautiful animation. Who knew I’d get a good story to follow as well.

I appreciate that Yumekui Merry is taking their time developing their characters – and that their characters (aside from Tachibana Isana) are interesting and not cookie-cutter protagonists. Even our transfer student (who’s bound to play a much bigger role in the story) is an interesting character, and despite her short screen time, we learned from her one tell-tale sign of being a human vessel: The eyes.

It’s still a mystery how Dream Demons are able to create “day dreams” and I wonder why it doesn’t happen more often (or maybe it does and we just don’t know it; Merry did say in the previous episode that she’d found four other Dream Demons who were trying to obtain human vessels. We just don’t know in what time frame that all happened). I also wonder why more aggressive Dream Demons don’t just pull random humans into day dreams and make them their vessels at any given time; like why did Ichima bide her time with Minato? Does there have to be some sort of mutual agreement before a Dream Demon can enter a human body? It didn’t seem like John Doe was about to form an agreeable contract with Yumeji…

Ichima was one scary Dream Demon – scarier than John Doe, if you ask me. There’s nothing creepier than creepy stitching, especially when that stitching keeps your sleeves together and your hands hidden. Her fighting power was pretty weak though and I liked how Merry dealt with her (SLAP), haha. When Merry was pinching Ichima’s cheek, and she called out to Minato for help, I half expected Minato to come to her aid and was pleasantly surprised to hear Minato tell Ichima that she (Ichima) was the one who had no friends. Those words were obviously not easy for Minato to say. The look the two exchanged when Ichima was sent back to the Dream World was also touching, almost like Ichima realized that she’d thrown away her chance at not just a human vessel, but a real friend in Minato.

Curious how Yumeji can enter day dreams… that aren’t his. It’s already been established that he’s important (and I wonder if Merry’s existence in the real world is to protect Yumeji), plus he has that special “power” to predict the nature of the dream any given person will be having that night. I liked how despite the “convenience” of Yumeji’s ability, Merry declines his offer to team up. I guess rejection – in any form and to any proposal – comes hard to a real man, haha. Now if Yumeji put doughnuts into the equation, Merry would surely reconsider.

Right now I’m absolutely loving the platonic relationship between Yumeji and Merry. I think they make a great team: They’re both level-headed and where Merry can be over emotional at times, Yumeji has yet to experience a break down. He’s a pretty quick thinker and isn’t a natural genius – which is nice, because you can relate to how he processes things like a normal person (ie writing them down in a notebook). He’s also not “wise beyond his age” and there are little elements (like the anime he regularly watches) that remind us that he’s still just a kid. I was actually glad to see Merry not power fight against Ichima; it implies that she can assess the power of her opponent and doesn’t use brute force when it’s not necessary. Plus it was just more fun to see her grab a hold of Ichima’s cheek only to slap her after, haha.

Now the show’s thrown another curve at us by introducing who is probably another key character in the show: With no name yet, our winged-beauty might be our first glance at a human who’s taken a Dream Demon’s body as a vessel to roam the Dream World. Of course that’s only speculation and since the scene was short and not very revealing, I’m not going on much.

Oh: I couldn’t find a way to work this picture into my actual review, but it was too great to pass up. I just knew Tachibana Dad was the stuff of legends.


2 Responses to “Yumekui Merry Episode Three: Visions of Doughnuts”

  1. 26 January 2011 at 6:07 am

    All of Merry’s talk about doughnuts being realities treasure makes me want to go and buy some :).

    Do like how Yumeji is a solid lead guy. He’s active in things, but not with some overpowered ability. Jumped to help Merry and that girl avoid the attack. He didn’t really want to get involved at first which was reasonable since it’s his body that’s on the line if that John Doe gets his way. But now he’s going to help Merry out and his ability is good for that.

    Good dynamics between the leads and I don’t mind the childhood friend. A good girl who obviously is interested, but isn’t jumping at any girl who gets in proximity to Yumeji.

    • 2 blindability
      26 January 2011 at 7:59 am

      That’s true. Isana could be a lot worse but she’s very reasonable as well. Plus her dad’s super cool so she’s got good blood flowing through her veins.

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