Level E – Episode 3.. Chronicle of a joke foretold!

Ossu! After 2 excellent episodes, I was wondering how the story would unfold, (as I said, I haven’t read the manga and don’t plan to do it until the anime is completed…). I had some ideas on how Baka would trick them all and get out of the mess he created without a scratch… Dude, I was soooo wrong about everything!

Get prepared...

First of all, in the end of previous episode we saw how Prince (Baka, it’s just that calling him stupid all the time can ruin the mood.. :D) beat a guy to death while saving a young lady. That guy resulted in one of the Disckonians (another alien race who are like the Yakuzas of the area where the story is happening). We also met Baka’s bodyguards and got to confirm that he’s actually the prince of planet Dogura, who fell to Earth after his mothership had an incident. In the landing he lost his memory and “accidentally” arrived to Tsutsui’s apartment, where he forced his way in.

Well, let me tell you something, FORGET all of that and sit comfortably to enjoy the truth behind.

The episode begins with everyone worrying about how are they gonna handle the Disckonians. Captain Kraft brings out that despite Prince’s childish behavior (cruel would be a more accurate adjective, specially after watching the bug torture scene… Captain really deserves beatification for not having killed Baka before…) , he actually has a genius level IQ and that even more, he had learned lots of info regarding the rest of the alien races that will meet at the Intergalactic Conference, including Disckonians.

It's all for the sake of science.. right?

In order to bring Baka’s memory back, Captain decides that the shock that caused it (the airship crash..) should be replicated… and believe me, you just gotta watch how he does it!, I’ve never seen anyone enjoying so much beating the crap out of someone else!

...and he jumps down from the 3rd rope!

While the hammering was on its climax, Tsutsui, Miho and Sade (one of the bodyguards..) were trying to watch the information inside the crystal ball that Baka went to recover during episode 1.

Suddenly the Diskonians mafia makes his appearence and start moving towards the appartment (I just got a flashback to old terror movie “Children of the corn”.. scaaary!). While trying to find a way to fight them back, our party gets trapped into Miho’s apartment. When everthing seems to be lost and the bad guys are about to take Baka with them, Tsutsui jumps right in the middle to defend his annoying guest.

Surprise! They found Baka personal journal, where he describes the entire plan to test his escorts “loyalty” (I would have said “psychotic murderer syndrome prevention capacities”… or simply “patience”!). Watching the reactions from everyone was worth the shot.

The look in his eyes.. the maniac smile... all speaks of a troubled man...

In the end it was all a Prince’s joke, all the way from the arship accident to the Disckonians issue (don’t think he actually planned the pummeling he received). Once everything is clarified, Kraft and the rest of the escort take Baka to the Intergalactic super-dupper-mega important Conference of whatever while Tsutsui and Miho retake their normal lives.

But hold on, the nightmare is just starting… After 3 months of peaceful living, they receive a post card from Baka, stating that from now on, Earth planet is under his supervision, hence he’ll be moving in soon.. perhaps too soon…

you better watch your back...

As a final comment, I really enjoyed this episode. Even though we all should have suspected that Prince would have the winning hand in the end, the story development was just amusing. It was a great closure for an introductory arc and it really made me laugh as I haven’t done in a while (at least since last episode..). Now I’m totally impatient waiting to see how the rest of the episodes will surprise me. Since this is gonna be a 13-16 episodes show, we shall be able to watch at least 2 or 3 more arcs, hopefully as much or funnier than this.. . For now, ja ne.

Over and Out!

2 Responses to “Level E – Episode 3.. Chronicle of a joke foretold!”

  1. 1 rauc6788
    27 January 2011 at 11:44 pm

    Really enjoyed the episode. It had great tension buildup and awesome comedic timing.

    PS glad to see the blog active again, and a welcome to all three new writters (was lost in the woods of school for the past weeks). Alway been a bokutachi fan and its nice to have one of my favorite blogs back.

    • 28 January 2011 at 3:39 am

      Yeah, that seems to be the success formula for this show.. tension and comedy! Pretty enjoyable.

      Thanks for the welcoming, and as they say in my town: “As long as you keep commenting, we’ll keep posting”.. 😀

      Ja ne!

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