Fractale – Episode 3

Oi! In the end of last post I stated that this show was one of the big fishes for this season. After the first 2 episodes I was really wondering if that would be enough, but after today’s chapter I’m starting to believe in those words…

Think Cyclops is looking for his glasses...

First of all, we finally start to understand all the Fractale/dopplers/Nessa/society stuff that was only mentioned during the past episodes. Now I know that “normal” people has some kinda chip inserted within them that comunicates with Fractale system, which also allows them to see Dopplers and upload-download information from the net. Somehow, this chip also provides medical care and feeds them to their necesities; in a few words, it’s the core of the whole Fractalist society itself.

Ever been to a political speech?... Well, pretty much the same.

As in every “utopish” environment, there will be always people that goes against the standards, free thinkers that will contradict the rules and look for a different path. In this case, those are the Lost Millennium members: a group of “terrorists” plotting to bring down the whole Fractale system because of the contamination it’s bringing upon all people.

Clain and Nessa are brought to one of their cities, where they understand their way of living after removing their chips. The lens required to be able to see Nessa seem pretty advanced to me, but on the other hand they fight out with old style guns and bullets… weird. Anyway, in here we learn that people will be able to touch Nessa depending on their feelings toward her (I thought Clain was special for being able to touch her, but it seems that the particularity resides in the little girl, not in him, and that she’s totally aware of it..).

Interesting revelation...

After the whole childish part of the food dance and the explanations provided by the towns people, we move on to the really interesting part of this chapter… Lost Millennium guys are planning on boycott the so-called Stars Festival, a celebration where the priestess pray to the stars for good luck, and where people will avoid future issues, like Dopplers’ failures and such. As Sadu said, this is all a facade to cover the truth: people is being brainwashed during the event, in order to delete any doubts or concerns they may have regarding the government and Fractale systems.

Once they arrive to the festival site, they go all out to stop it, shooting priestess and civilians equally (This has been the most “seinen” scene in the story so far, also the most intense and exciting.). Suddenly, two characters make their appearance to turn everything around: First, Nessa’s human part is one of the priestess under attack, second, Phryne makes his appearance to stop the clash  under Clain’s incredulous glance.

Never thought we would have scenes like this so soon...

Perhaps it was only me, but I noticed a slight decrease in the animation quality. Somehow the drawings saw a little dulled, but the advance shown during this minutes was definitely worth looking at. The spin off on the characters seem to be paying of (Seeing the dumb trio transform from only a gag gang into serious characters was incredible.). The details surrounding this world’s mysteries begin to unwrap and with that we are beeing allowed to have a better sketch on what will be the real issue during the rest of the season.

I still can’t fully get what is Nessa’s role in the story, I know she’s sweet and tender, and definitely brings out my protective instincts, but I also can feel that she holds more that we can see. Same goes for Clain, I can bet my weekly income that he will be an interesting character, and not only Nessa’s bodyguard.

The real thing is comming on!

So far I’m greatly enjoying this show, hope you too. Let’s see what next week will bring us… Ja ne!

Over and Out.

2 Responses to “Fractale – Episode 3”

  1. 29 January 2011 at 3:33 pm

    Hmm, I’m a bit depressed over the fact that the animation quality has dipped. It was so Ghibli-like and easy on the eyes.

    I had a bit of an inkling that massacres would be a part of the anime. Religious cults are never good.

  2. 30 January 2011 at 1:54 am

    Amen for that! 😛

    Even though it dropped a little it isn’t a factor to enjoy less the show.. the plot still overcomes it.

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