Black Lagoon: Roberta’s bloody bloody Blood Trail

The long-awaited OVA continuation of the advventures of the employee’s of the Lagoon company returned to screens and internets near you last year sometime, now I finally have time to blog it.

This particualr story arc brings back one of the more popular characters from the first season, Roberta the “Fully equipped” maid of the Lovelace family.

Roberta Silohette

The Story So Far…

The new series picks up very soon after the “Second Barrage” as Rock is still miserable about that Yakuza girl he met. Word on the streets of Roanapur is that Roberta is back in town and everybody is wanting to know who she is working for or with. Its discovered that she is after a squad of American operatives who are responsable for the assasination of her master Diego Lovelace.
The Lagoon Company are approached by a younger maid, Fabiola who is in Roanapur with the young master Garcia Lovelace to find Roberta and bring her home. Only problem is that Roberta can be pretty difficult to find when she doesn’t want to be found, not that many would actually want to find her when she is in such a blood thirsty mood.

Episode 3

Starts with Rock just having put together all the pieces of the puzzle and after getting Revy to tag along they head over to where Roberta is hiding. In between getting more help and driving there, they arrive late or as Revy would say: “the party has already started!”. There is now a full-fledged war going on in Roanapur and Roberta is right in the middle of it.


As per the normal plan, Rock waits in the car as Revy and her mercenary friends go and join the fray. Shenhua one of my favorite characters joins Revy as well as Sawyer the Cleaner (Chainsaw Girl). Between the copious amounts of blood shed in this episode I found the conversation between Revy and Shenhua both funny and needed given the bloody action of the show, just to lighten it up abit. One of the funnier scenes was when Garcia Lovelace & Fabiola accidently run into a group of soldiers who are totally confused I imagine at the sight of two children dressed up in a maid & sailor outfit during a gunfight.

Revy, Shenhua & Sawyer

But lets talk about Roberta, she is after all the focus of all this ruckus. In previous episodes we found out that she was chugging down anti-depressants like candy, but hoo-wee I think she is way past depressed in this episode. She acts totally uncharacteristic of herself as she hunts down her prey, this is evidenced by her disregard for stealth whilst on roof, opting to use what I think could have been an armour-piercing tank gun – those poor columbians never stood a chance. Later on she is shown grinning creepily like a deranged killer as she picked up on the scent (literally) of her prey as well as grunting heavily as she pursued them.

Face Smash

Eventually the the inevitable happens, she finally snaps and mashes one of her victims faces to a bloody pulp. This incident is witnessed by the young master Garcia and when he reveals himself to Roberta she truely goes over the edge as screaming crazily. She then cinvinces herself that the young master isn’t actually there and that he is only another hallucination of hers and to prove this she shoots him. Yeah, over the edge.

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  1. 30 January 2011 at 8:20 am

    Looks pretty nice, I’ll definitely give it a try..Thanks for the recomendation!

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