Freezing 4: A Misunderstanding

Atia SimmonsRight, before we begin, can somebody please tell me who the hell this person is (see right)? I know her name is Atia Simmons because she introduced herself at the end of last weeks episode, but who IS she? And what influence does she have? Because if it wasn’t for her, this weeks episode probably, no definately would not have happened. Bridgette wouldn’t have exposed herself to Aoi and the school would have saved alot of money from damages, talk about a pot-stirrer! That being said, it was a rather pointless episode as well.

The episode picks up a week after the previous episode as Bridgette L. Satellizer has just finished her week of being locked up in a cell (hardcore detention!). Upon leaving she is approached by Ingrid Bernstien who introduces herself as the “Guardian of Order”, she then issues a challenge to Satellizer by announcing that she intends to punish her. She also tells Satellizer to get herself a limter before she punishes her so that she may punish her limiter as well, thats right, the Guardian of Order wants to punish Satellizer as well as her would be innocent freshman limiter?? Some guardian she is.
I started reading the manga for Freezing recently as well, i’m currently keeping pace with the anime by reading a chapter a week (I’m so proud of myself). Now in the manga Ingrid gives an actual (kind of logical) reason for wanting to to fight both Bridgette and her limiter but the anime leaves us just to assume that she is a heartless enforcer.

AwkwardDont Look!


Bridgette then returns to her dorm room to finally shower after a week being locked up, as she showers she ponders about that childhood incident as well as her encounter with Aoi-kun last week. She then decides that the best way to defeat a pandora without a limiter is to attack when they don’t have their limiter either. So she sneaks into Ingrid’s dorm room with the intention of attacking her.
Ingrid, being awesome, predicts this and is somewhat ready. I say somewhat because despite throwing Satellizer through the wall she wasn’t able to put any clothes on and has to fight in her underwear. The fight continues outside where Satellizer demonstrates the axel turn which did her well in her battle against Miyabi-chan, however it is not so effective against Ingrid who counters with the cool looking Tempest Turn. Ingrid actually has a proper volt weapon too, its not a blade on a chain or some flying knives, she favours what is effectively a police baton with a blade attached, seeing that she is the Guardian of Order I found this quite cute. Moving on, the fight is interupted when Igrid’s limiter arrives and thus pinning Satellizer’s back to the wall. But not to worry, brave Aoi-kun runs to Bridgette’s aid.

Tempest Turn
As the fight quickly escalates spectators offer their commentary as to why Ingrid is so fixated over “orders”. Apparently the story is that Ingrid lost her best friend in a Nova attack and she believed that her subordinates (freshman) disregarded orders and fled. That makes no sense! As the leader of a troop of freshman it makes sense for her to tell them to retreat while she holds off the deadly Nova. Did nobody bother to tell Ingrid this? Did Ingrid never bother to ask about the details? What kind of school puts people like this into a position of authority? Anyway after some pretty impressive freezing by Aoi-kun (he really is becoming quite kick-ass) Gandessa Rowland of all people steps in to FINALLY tell Ingrid the truth about what happened with her friend.

And then they all go home happy. Like I said, a pretty pointless episode. Blame Atia Simmons!

3 Responses to “Freezing 4: A Misunderstanding”

  1. 1 zazza
    30 January 2011 at 6:10 am

    She’s one of the higher ups of the third year. She is both manipulative and wanting to be sure Bridget doesn’t go against the estabilished order.
    Also, in the original material the fight lasted five chapters and had a very long flashback to explain Ingrid’s attitude. Also, the source of Kazuya’s power (explained in episode three) wasn’t even mentioned in detail till volumes later.

    • 2 jGLZa
      30 January 2011 at 6:22 am

      Thanks for the info, I’m right in the middle of that fight now in manga myself. It makes sense though for them speed things along, it is only a 12 episode series after all.

      • 3 zazza
        30 January 2011 at 7:07 am

        Personally speaking they should have skipped episode three entirely since it’s not really relevant. While the original material did have fanservice, I’m quite annoyed at the fact that they actually added up even more (not to mention the extremely low budget, from what I see).

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