Yumekui Merry Episode Four: I’m In Love With Me

Well I was underwhelmed by Yumeji this episode, and aside from Merry’s cute antics, I was rather underwhelmed by her as well. Who did get me thinking though, is Tachibana Isana – but probably not the way I should be thinking.

For the past three episodes (and two reviews), I’d tagged Isana as a dull and typical character, and it’s not that her behaviour this episode around suggests otherwise, but I think I don’t give enough credit to the kind of girl that she is: The girl who wants to be friends with everyone.

She might not be the most dynamic or interesting character in the cast, but Tachibana Isana is necessary because Tachibana Isana is going to be the trigger that either threatens the Dream Demon residing in Chizuru, or causes positive growth for both Chizuru and her Dream Demon. Whatever it is, by determining that she would be Chizuru’s friend, Isana has started something that’s going to be pivotal to the story. Good for you. Way to be useful. I loved the new take on “the glass is half full/empty” philosophy shared between Chizuru and Tachibana Papa. The way I understand it, Chizuru enjoys her coffee (which I imagine equates to a basic human existence) black – or plain; without additives, without extras; no milk, no sugar, no hazelnut flavouring, or French vanilla ice cream. While she values existence, she either hasn’t explored the accessories to basic life, or she finds it unnecessary. Tachibana Papa’s point, however, is that while water is the basic sustenance for life, one drop of coffee is worth five drops of water, challenging Chizuru’s value system. Existence is water; coffee is the way you live out that existence. Rest assured: This won’t be the last time we see the Alpaca of Friendship.

Our Dream Demon of the week was not as sinister as Ichima and yet not as innocent as Serio. Chris Evergreen claims to be “lost” and how he first got into contact with the President, we’ll never know, but whatever he found in her, he liked, and so he stuck around. Their relationship, however, gives a new excuse for people who are narcissistic: “I’m not in love with myself. I’m in love with the other person who resides in my fabulous body.” The usage of cell phones to carry the relationship was really interesting because it’s plausible. Using Mei as a host, Chris was able to send her love notes and cultivate a relationship with her. It was interesting to see Chris care so much for Mei (especially on the bridge when he told Yumeji to let go because it was Mei’s body. He never once claimed Mei to be his vessel or that her body was under his possession).

I wonder what the difference between Serio experiencing life with Yumi and Chris interacting with Mei is. Did Serio never actually make Yumi’s body his vessel? Was he just tagging along inside her mind without ever controlling her physical body? And again I’m wondering what the process is for a Dream Demon to take control of a human’s body. Didn’t Chris have to explicitly form a contract with Mei? Shouldn’t they have met before in the dream world before Chris could make Mei his vessel? Is Chizuru a full-fledged human vessel to her Dream Demon? She’s consciously aware of him and yet I’m assuming she’s still allowed to act of her own accord since she doesn’t have cross pupils all the time. A pretty picture painted on a hole-y fabric isn’t satisfying (although it’s still early so I hope these questions will be answered).

Like I said at the beginning of my post, aside from forming a working agreement, and the necessary battle scene, Yumeji and Merry were very much on the sidelines this episode. It was interesting, however, to see Yumeji doing some really normal things: Participating in club activities, playing video games, going to karaoke with friends (and don’t we all know someone who’s singing can peel the paint off the wall)… It’s refreshing – and almost unnatural – to see regular activities happen despite the appearance of someone extraordinary like Merry and the whole threat of Dream Demons taking over the bodies of humans.

Now when it comes to maid outfits, I’m pretty impartial. The last time I was kind of “excited” about a maid outfit was when the cast of Ookami-san and her Seven Companions wore them. But I knew someone would appreciate this so I wanted to put it up.

4 Responses to “Yumekui Merry Episode Four: I’m In Love With Me”

  1. 30 January 2011 at 7:43 am

    I have to say it was a good episode for Isana. Thought she’d just be the childhood friend love interest for Yumeji and instead she’s at least taking some actions on her own. That bond she’s working on could be interesting later on in the series.

    Couldn’t help feeling that Yumeji and Merry were going too far this time. I mean yeah the guy did take over the body to send the texts, but he wasn’t just completely sealing her away or ruining her life. If he didn’t know how to get back then he had little choice but to stick around. If Yumeji and Merry met Serio in an earlier episode would they have just taken the same stance and attacked?

    • 2 RP
      30 January 2011 at 10:11 am

      See that’s the thing, Yumeji (and maybe Merry too) hadn’t met a demon that didn’t have sinister motives. So it’s natural for them to be prejudiced into thinking dream demons = bodysnatchers. Having met Chris this time, I would guess that Yumeji is less likely to jump in fists first.

      I wonder, is it Chizuru who’s half empty? Or the demon that’s inhabiting her that’s half empty. As we saw with Yumi and Serio before, those dream demons seem to have major impact on a person’s personality.

      • 3 blindability
        31 January 2011 at 6:17 am

        If we take Yumi and Serio as an example of Dream Demon cohabitation/coexistence, then perhaps it’s both Chizuru and her Dream Demon that are half empty. Serio had helped Yumi realize her aspirations, so maybe Chizuru’s Dream Demon has changed her perspective on life itself. Plus her eyes weren’t X-ed when she was at the cafe, so we have to assume that Chizuru was the one speaking.

        Then again, I’m not sure I fully understand the difference between full Demon Occupancy and coexistence, and I’m not sure which category Chizuru is in. Hence more questions being raised at this point then answers, but at least we’re all interested enough to ask these questions!

  2. 1 February 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Great episode! loved the interaction with Merry and the others, it wasn’t much but still great to see her meet them. So I think Isana might be in danger if she gets to close to Chizuru, I can so see her using Isana for other purposes. Loved the maid outfit for Merry! so nice hahah

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