Level E – Episode 4… And in the End He created laughter…

Just for you to know, after this episode I feel that I really HATE this show…

Don't play innocent with me... YOU know why!

Well, probably it was a little drastic from my part to say that so suddenly, but I really got pissed off after watching this episode. I mean, I spent the whole weekend laying down, and not in the good way if you know what I mean; after coming down from my 2 days trip all I wanted was to enjoy myself  with the latest ocurrences of Prince Baka… What did I find after skipping my anti-gravity shot? This:

Not a nice view to wake up with...

Really, I checked twice if I was actually streaming the right file (obviously that was before the Opening… ), then I confirmed if there was any gas leak in my room, once I was sure that THAT was Level E episode 4 I resigned myself and started paying some attention.

So, I pulled the streaming bar thing back to the start and opened my eyes to find  a bunch of schoolers witnessing how a boy-like alien kills and eats a girl leaving only the clothes behind (Yeah, I deduced that he was an alien all by myself.. :D). Being a group of wussies without any hero trace within them, they go all paranoid and start researching the rest of the students in order to find out who might have been the killer so they could stay away of him (Not a very clever thought, If you ask me..).

Bon appetit!

Suddenly one of them goes missing. Then another. Finally the remaining 2 ask for a guy to start investigating on the murder and let them know what’s going on. This looked so X-File style that I felt nostalgic…

Well, going back to our supper-dupper-original story, the 2 missing guys were actually under this investigator’s protection, locked out inside the facilities of the company. Once they all gather together, the doctor explains them that the assassin is actually an alien (no way!!!) and after watching the interview with the killer’s younger brother it comes clear that all the killings were “sexually” related and hence the boys had no risk running over their heads, unless the alien would decide to become “vegetarian”.. (If you got it, shame on you…)

Finally, after all the mystery is cleared out, we can see the alien’s ship flying out of here, then a brief epilogue about the students deducing that we’re not that different from aliens, all of this while they were eating fried chicken breasts… Nice and deep!

But wait a second!, after the “The End” image, suddenly Baka jumps out of the screen shouting at his always loyal bodyguards crew!… This was ALL a joke (it was in this moment that my faith in the human beings, democracy and Level E authors came back…). Baka was developing a way of letting the earthlings know about the aliens that ihabitate this planet with them, and this “movie” was the “best” way he could figure out of doing so (ok, the Earth Rangers idea sounded kinda good… but too original for my taste =P).


In the end, all the suffer I was put through the first 20 minutes of the episode, (thrilled plot, bad animation and even a worst narration) flought away during the last 3 minutes of it. I laughed as I expected to do since the beginning, while I was still punching my pillow out of dissapointment. So many mixed feelings can drive a man like me right into Arkham, you know? .

I think that good writers, using good shows, can take us into a trip within our own emotions, digging out all the rage, joy or sadness we might have inside. But making all of this into one single chapter (we’re talking of 25 minutes in here!…) is what I consider a masterpiece!.. and a reason to swear…. Hats off!

The End

Over and out!

2 Responses to “Level E – Episode 4… And in the End He created laughter…”

  1. 1 RP
    5 February 2011 at 7:48 am

    The whole time I kept thinking, “man, Level E is a lot darker than I expected.” And then when Baka prince did the reveal I was stunned. That’s twice I’ve fallen for it. They wont get me next time. But the drama was actually really good. I was totally sucked in.

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