Madoka Magi Episode Five: Round One – FIGHT!

Since Sayaka’s wish was painfully obvious, this week’s episode explored the immediate repercussions of her becoming a Mahou Shojou.

When Kyosuke said that his legs weren’t healed yet, I was going to give Sayaka a hard time for not being detailed in her wish; but then I wondered if she only healed his hand on purpose. Did Sayaka go as far as to consider whether or not Kyosuke, the doctors and other adults would have been overly suspicious if his entire body was miraculously healed? Did she take into consideration Kyosuke’s pride in completing his rehabilitation as a man on his own two feet? I suppose it depends on how much you like Sayaka and how much credit you want to give her; it also depends on how much you over think the unspoken, which in my case, is a lot. Even though Kyosuke looked a lot happier now that he’s able to play the violin again, I wonder if it’ll remain that simple. I mean, Sayaka’s been pegged for death the moment she became a Mahou Shojou, and I wonder, at the time of Sayaka’s demise, will her wish become void?

An interesting side effect of Sayaka’s wish is that it affects her own Magical Girl body: Having wished for Kyosuke’s recovery, she now has superhuman regenerative powers – which is good since she’s still new at this game.

And what a game it is. With the addition of Kyoko in the Puella Magi line up, we get another taste at what it means to be a Puella Magi. Nothing like Sayaka, nothing like Mami, and not even like Homura, Kyoko is all about the Grief Seeds. After scoffing at Sayaka for not being able to recognize a Witch Familiar as non-Grief-Seed-Producing, she then goes on to explain (or perhaps suggest) that Familiars should be left to grow into Witches, so when they’re defeated, there will be the reward of a Grief Seed; patience (or perhaps passiveness) for a greater gain. Because of their differing values, a fight between Sayaka and Kyoko ensues. Kyoko kicks Sayaka’s butt upside the building, but thanks to Sayaka’s regenerative powers and strong will to not lose, she persists. (In the long run, it’s probably a good thing that Sayaka’s fighting Kyoko since Sayaka can use the experience going up against a more skilled and knowledgeable Puella Magi; it’s like sparring, only they want to kill each other.)

Sitting on the sidelines yet again, Madoka is helpless to stop the fight. Kyubey explains that only another Puella Magi has the right to intervene in a fight between two other Puella Magi, and right when it seems like she might give into Kyubey’s reasoning, Homura shows up and tells her it’s not necessary. Christina over at Tenchi’s Thoughts brought up the interesting idea that maybe Madoka won’t actually become a Puella Magi in the show (at least not this season) which is something I’m starting to wonder myself, though previously, I wasn’t thinking about this in a serious manner.

Not sure what Homura’s power is exactly, but I have a feeling she can distort time/space, which would explain why Kyoko missed Sayaka despite the fact that Sayaka never moved, not to mention the Witch that killed Mami had difficulty getting its chompers around Homura as she danced around. I know some people might think that Homura’s refusal to “be friends with Sayaka” is cold, but I think it makes a lot of sense from Homura’s stand point; plus it illustrates a very important misconception about Puella Magi: It’s not a sisterhood. Mami was an exception, not the standard. Puella Magi do not look out for each other, they do not team up to fight together, and there is not attempt made to save each other from danger or despair. I think the only reason why Homura stepped in between Sayaka and Kyoko’s fight was to prevent Madoka from contracting with Kyubey.

…The entire Opening Sequence is a LIE!

6 Responses to “Madoka Magi Episode Five: Round One – FIGHT!”

  1. 5 February 2011 at 3:36 pm

    I’m a bit mixed about Homura myself. True that the whole thing isn’t a sisterhood right now. But at the same time it doesn’t have to be like this. The girl’s are choosing to go solo and not cooperate. I can understand that there is a danger of not having enough of a charge from grief seeds, but together they can tackle witches easier and even take on a number of them with less fear. Really I just don’t get Homura. She clearly doesn’t want Madoka to become a Puella Magi. But her line about needing to watch Sayaka closer sounds empty. Really she barely made any effort to Sayaka about not making a contract. This is all about Madoka for whatever reason. If she really wants Madoka not to make a wish she better decide to watch out for Sayaka promise or not. Or else we are just going to repeat the events of this episode.

    Agree this situation was a good chance to Sayaka to upgrade her skills. This fight was hard on her, but it should help gain some skills. Sure witches fight differently, but it’s good to fight against someone you must dig in against. Still do think she needs some help since being a close combat type there are going to be weaknesses and her regeneration has to have a limit.

    Anyways good on Sayaka for standing up against someone with very different beliefs. We’ve gotten a real spectrum of Puella Magi in this show. Kyoko is pretty cynical and clearly doesn’t care much about regular people. If they die so a familiar can grow into a witch who cares. Homura is realist/somewhat cynical, but mostly mysterious in her motives. Mami was lonely and yet did want to help people. Sayaka is optimistic and does want to protect people. Interesting to see these different viewpoints interact.

    But yeah the entire opening sequence was a pure lie!

  2. 5 February 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Homura’s power somewhat reminds me of Miranda Lotto’s from D.Gray Man…that is, if she’s got the ability to distort time/space like you’ve suggested.

    And poor Mami-chan, I still can’t believed what happened to her 😦 If she doesn’t get revived, then the OP would def be a lie lol.

  3. 3 coyote
    5 February 2011 at 10:29 pm

    I think the whole opening sequence IS Madoka’s wish.

  4. 5 February 2011 at 11:17 pm

    I don’t think it was necessarily Mami that was the exception to the rule regarding Puella Magica’s not being a sisterhood. Rather, it was Madoka insisting they should be friends. That’s why Mami broke down so much when Madoka offered to be her friend. Madoka is the exception.

    Certainly Homura and Kyubey keep saying that she’s special in some way. The powah of friendship perhaps? Corny, but it would fit the story

  5. 5 ~xxx
    6 February 2011 at 4:26 am

    the only true credits there is the ending one.

  6. 6 February 2011 at 9:54 am

    XD Ah yes. I really do think that Madoka won’t become a magical girl until the very end of the series. Which make not only the opening sequence all a lie but the title as well. XD This show is doing it’s best to break the magical girl traditional mode. We got solo girls, choices in whether to become one, and now we got girls who don’t want to protect the general public?! Say it aint so!!!

    Also another thing i found interesting in this episode was Homura saying the line about how it is just as impossible to bring back the dead. I can’t remember what it was in reference to but that part doesn’t matter. The part that does matter is Homura went out of her way to mention it was impossible to bring back the dead. Which would *kill* any chance of Madoka making Mami her wish. Sadness fills my heart.

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