Level E – Episode 5… IT’S MORPHIN TIME!

*sigh* Caught again.. well, this time at least I wasn’t totally unprepared.


Yeah, this week I watched the episode in Spanish for a change...

Remember last week post, I mentioned that the Earth Rangers idea sounded interesting… guess Baka thought the same. I wasn’t expecting the story to turn this way, but it looks like a new arc has been opened. Even though, I must say that I was really expecting something more from this episode. Somehow, now that we’re all waiting for the ironic outcome of every chapter, it’s becomming less amusing to watch them.

The greatest strength that I mentioned about Level E was how it was unexpectedly original. The way dark serious plots would become dummy jokes in the end provided the emotional twist that would engage me into watching the next one. This time I couldn’t find that twist, and in the end got that awkward sensation that I’d been cheated on…

I guess somehow Hoshi won in the end...

We start this chapter with new main characters, a group of students that are abducted by Prince Baka in order to turn them into the new Earth protection force. They’re reluctant on becoming superheroes, but in the end, they give up since there’s no other way of going out of the hijacker’s ship. As expected from Baka, the so called “powers” are nothing more than useless jokes, but the risk they’re now involved with is pretty real.

See why I hate dentists?

I like red-haired women.. but this is too much...

Once they found their teacher is actually an intergalactic assasin, they’re asked by Prince to stop her, using the new abilities they got from the Color Rangers bracelets. Obviously, since they didn’t know how to use them, they receive a quick introduction (probably the funniest part of the episode..) and sent into war like worms into a full fish tank.

In the end, the teacher is revealed to be actually a killer, but not a bad one (didn’t know there were types…). Hence nobody gets hurt… for now. The rangers decide to take on Baka to remove the bracelets, but are tricked into taking the key away from Kraft (poor guy.. should have enjoyed more the beating from episode 3).

THAT is the real inner Baka, not Clive

Miss Tsutsui...

Baka DS...

RPG bundled...

We keep receiving random stuff out of this show, but I think it still remains as the most clever and funnier one of the season. Even though I can’t call this episode “the best” or even “excellent”,  I still liked many gags inside of it :Baka singing the “Color Rangers” theme… red ranger transforming while in  classroom… Kraft becoming the villain to be defeated… As long as this trollades keep arriving, I’ll keep waiting 😀

So, what else can I say? I still enjoy this show a lot, and it relaxes me pretty much. In the other hand, this looks like an arc opening, so we can expect something better for the next 2-3 episodes. Guessings?..

Over and Out…


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