Freezing 6 ~de arimasuyo

Another episode of Freezing and another episode not featuring the deadly Nova. Instead we get a catfight extrordinaire – Bridgette vs. Rana!


Another normal day at West Genetics. Today happens to be Phys Ed for the girls and what do Pandoras do during their phys Ed lessons? Spar of course. First up the teacher pairs up new student Rana with carnival champion Ganessa Rowland. I don’t  know why but Bridgette-senpai doesnt participate in the lesson and just sits on the sidelines watching – guess she brought a sick letter. In the fight spar we get a first look at Rana-chan’s volt weapons which are boots & gloves, she’s a melee type… and a pretty good one at that. Unfortunately the teacher stops the match up just before they were about to get serious, although I’m sure Rana would’ve won.

Afterwards we get some filler with Aoi being told about how Bridgette used to beat up her limiters and then Rana turns up and turns on the sex charm (the girl does have some moves) on Aoi-kun. Some more talking and we see Atia approach Rana once Aoi leaves with Bridgette. Atia is once again scheming to destroy Bridgette (I still don’t know why) and it turns out that she sets up a meeting between Rana & Bridgette.

Bridgette & Rana
Rana challenges Bridgette for the right to be Aoi-kun’s Pandora, when Bridgette declines Rana touches Bridgette – OH SH!T.

Bridgette seems to have the upper hand with her superior skill and high end techniques but that is only until Rana opens up her Holy Gate technique.

Wings of Light

Long-Range Technique

Short-Range Technique
The music used during this fight just seemedd to amp me up as I was watching, so kudu’s to the creators for that decision. Unfortunately party-pooper Aoi arrives to split the two up and put an end to the fight. Then perfectly timed as always Atia reveals herself as well as two of her lacky’s to setup a potentially clothes shattering fiight next week.

2 Responses to “Freezing 6 ~de arimasuyo”

  1. 16 February 2011 at 11:11 am

    I feel like all these girls do is spar. Aren’t they supposed to be training as a team of Pandora in order to combat the Nova? It seems like they’re just developing hatred for each other, not exactly a good thing when they will be needed to fight together in the future.

    As a side not, I think you should proofread your work before publishing it. There are a lot of typos that could be easily corrected.

    • 2 jGLZa
      17 February 2011 at 3:26 am

      Embarassment. Gomen.

      But I agree with your point, not once so far have seen any of the Pandora’s train as a team (except when they team up to bully Bridgette or Aoi). I’m just waiting for a Nova to walts in here and kill everybody!

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